System Infinity Colour Test

Having finished that batch of Haqqislam minis my next major project is to put together a load of terrain for the Cross Gaming Club.

A few weeks back I showed you an assembled piece of System Infinity terrain, by Sarissa Precision. Well, here it is painted up to look like some sort of Mass Effect colony habitation module.

Sarissa Precision Terrain

Sarissa Precision System Infinity Terrain

This was a test piece to see how the colour scheme worked and try out some stencils I’d cut out.

Pretty pleased with the result. Which, importantly, should be replicable in a production line fashion as there’s plenty more of them to do; a handful more hab modules in various sizes, some industrial buildings, gantries, silos and a helipad.

It’s going to look awesome all laid out, particularly with a bit of foliage and some rocks or something to go for that jungle colony look. Should work nicely for the upcoming Paradiso campaign.

I really like the Sarissa Precision stuff, and it struck me last night – as I was gluing together some silos – that there’s something very therapeutic about assembling this stuff. The laser cut precision means the pieces go together very easily and you can churn the stuff out in a short amount of time. Thumbs up.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on November 5, 2012.

6 Responses to “System Infinity Colour Test”

  1. Those look great! I’ve seen quite a few of these painted but most of the time it’s been to a very basic level (which works since they look good like that as well). Lovely to see some more time and thought being put into painting these. The stenciling and the added details on the doors etc really helps to bring it alive.

    Also, just in general fantastic blog you have here! Just found it through Frontline Gamer and I’m impressed. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Martin πŸ™‚

      I’ve got quite a few more pieces to do so I’ll be posting up more stuff soon. I’m really impressed with how easy they are to assemble and the overall quality.


  2. This is very inspiring stuff. Would you mind sharing your process for painting them, as im about to get a whole lot of Sarissa terrain myself, and want to go with that white/greyish colour you have?


    • Certainly πŸ™‚

      I primed the wood with a grey spray primer. Then I airbrushed the underside with a darkish purple-blue. The sides and top were then airbrushed with a sort of terracotta colour and then I went over with a white spray from the top and sides, leaving some of the midtone showing on the sides (it’s hard to see from the photos).

      I then sprayed the stencils orange and white respectively.

      Finally I did some weathering. To do this I started by spraying on some Future Klear varnish. After this was dry I liberally painted on some weathering wash (a product from Flory models here in the UK), which I then wiped off with a damp piece of kitchen towel once dried.

      Hope that helps. Check out my later post on the Sarissa Silos for more examples of the process used.


  3. Thanks for the information. When you say you went over with a white spray, do you mean from a spray can, or with the airbrush too?

    That weathering idea sounds great… I might try and get some spray on gloss varnish, and use some oil paints for the weathering… or do you know of any other brands of products like Flory that do the same sort of thing?

    Was is this weathering that gave that sort of speckled appearance, or is that a result of the airbrushing? If its the airbrushing, how did you get it so speckled (im a novice using the airbrush myself, and am yet to try it for terrain).

    Sorry for 1001 questions!


    • No worries, I’ll try and answer your 1001 questions one at a time! πŸ™‚

      1. I used an airbrush to spray the white but a can would be fine. Airbrushing can be a bit of an esoteric art and mine certainly likes to clog up on me from time to time.

      2. Not sure I know of any other washes like this one from Flory. I know that people use oils, etc, but as soon as I heard about this no fuss product that could be applied easily without special thinners I jumped at the chance. It’s really impressive and I reckon one little bottle should cover all the terrain I’m going to do.

      3. I think it’s the weathering wash picking out the grain on the MDF.


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