Four Days Til Paradiso

I posted before about my barely contained excitement toward the upcoming Campaign Paradiso expansion for Infinity. Well, us Infinity players have had to curb our enthusiasm slightly and practice zen-like patience as the book has been delayed by a few weeks. Boo.

However, this coming weekend there is a campaign event happening down at new purpose-built gaming venue Tabletop Nation. Apparently they’re going to be demoing/introducing the campaign system to a select few Infinity players. I’ve signed up to it and a few of my fellow Cross Gaming Club players are heading down on Saturday morning. Handily for us the venue is a short train right from London to the wilds of Essex.

For the campaign day, we had to put together 300 point armies with the advice that the scenarios we’ll be playing will require use of specialists such as Hackers, Doctors, Engineers, etc.

So with that in mind, I cobbled together a rather uncompetitive looking list, based on fielding as many specialists as I could, plus the TAG (Tactical Armoured Gear) that I’d been wanting to assemble, and also minimising the amount of new models to paint so I had time to get them done.

This weekend just gone I set myself the task to finish the last few remaining models: the Najjarun Engineer, the Maghariba Guard TAG, and the Al’Hawwa Hacker.

More Haqqislam Finished

They’re a bit rushed in places, the Najjarun and the TAG in particular, but they’ll look good enough on the table I think. The Najjarun is an odd little mini that almost feels a scale smaller than the rest of the range. One of my least favourite Infinity sculpts to date.

I got the airbrush to the TAG and am particularly pleased with the dazzle style camouflage. If I were to redo him I’d change the highlighting approach and go for smoother blends, but I’m happy enough with him. I’ve been re-watching the awesome Ghost in the Shell anime TV series recently and I just love that aesthetic. The other factions get Appleseed style bipedal suits but Haqq get a six legged walking tank!

At least now with those three done my list is ready for disembarkation for war-torn planet Paradiso.

So wihout further ado let’s do a badass group shot of all my painted Haqqislam to date.

Haqqislam Group Shot

~ by Max Von Deadlock on October 23, 2012.

One Response to “Four Days Til Paradiso”

  1. Good to meet you yesterday and see your gorgeous Haqqislam stuff in person. Added you to my Blog roll.


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