Hassassin Lasiq

Next up in my series of Haqqislam miniatures for Infinity is the Hassassin Lasiq.

Hassassin Lasiq

Hassassin Lasiq

Hassassin Lasiq

I’ve always loved the mini so it was about time I got some paint on him.

In game, the Lasiq are part of the religious Hassassin sectorial and are feared for their use of nasty viral ammunition. In the two games in which I’ve used him so far I’ve been a bit careless and he has died without letting off a shot!

Seems like he’s something of a glass cannon and opponents do tend to fear him. The viral rifle is supposedly highly lethal, so I look forward to seeing what he is capable of when I use him properly.

Now, for the paint job, again there’s plenty of untidyness but I’m happy to live with it. I’m pleased with the cloak/hoodie and was originally planning to go camo on it but decided I didn’t want to disguise the folds. I quite like the simple white look of the rifle. I wanted to differentiate it from the other, mostly black, weaponry in the faction and also went with a luminous green magazine.

Oh and the visor came out well I think. Similar to the Fiday visor I did a base yellow highlight to white and then went back with a green ink glaze on the left and a purple ink glaze on the right. Pretty simple but gives it a fitting chromatic look.

Now who’s next I wonder? I think it might be time for a big hitter…


~ by Max Von Deadlock on September 25, 2012.

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