Destination Paradiso

I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about an upcoming rulebook or expansion as I am for Campaign Paradiso

Infinity is definitely the game of the moment for me. I’m sure I’ve already waxed lyrical about the cinematic gameplay, the quality of the models and general aesthetic.

I’ve also undoubtedly mentioned niggles I have with the game system.

Some clunky mechanics and rule exceptions mean it has a pretty serious learning curve. But as I progress up that curve I can really see myself getting sucked into it.

A big appeal for me is that it’s squad level, which is great because you tend to field characters rather than units of troop clones. Sure, there’s something awesome about seeing a tabletop battlefield massed with space marines and tanks charging about the place, or a horde of undead being led before a vampiric overlord.

But I tend to prefer each model telling their own little piece of the story and in the smaller game each individual has a role to play and, especially in Infinity, each has the potential for a hero moment. In a recent game for example, a lowly 12 point Naffatun managed to tip the balance of the game significantly in my favour with an opportune blast from her heavy flamer, taking out a few encroaching Combined Army opponents before being forced back into cover, blinded by a flash pulse. It was a very cool moment, and one of many in the game.

This leads me to a serious ommission from the base ruleset of Infinity, that is: objective-based gameplay.

Unbelievably for such a narrative game, and one that has clear signs of its pen and paper RPG heritage, every game is a straight kill-your-opponent scenario. This can lead to certain fixed strategies and also encourage sit back and wait tactics, taking advantage of the ARO and suppression fire rules.

Many players use a fan-created objective card system called YAMS (Yet Another Mission System) that adds Malifaux style victory objectives. I confess I’m yet to give them a try but am eager to.

Seems that the folks at Corvus Belli are sensitive to this shortcoming though and a few months back they announced that the second expansion book would contain missions and such.

And from the sounds of things this new book – Campaign Paradiso – is going to be an absolute corker.

Rather than throw in a load of new models, some more special rules and a handful of basic mission types, they’ve gone all out and have put together a full story campaign system and added a character enhancement system. Oh and there’s a nice looking new alien faction and solid backing for my second faction: Aleph.

Check out the announcement trailer that first got me rather excited about it all:

I’m a sucker for flashy trailers like that and I particularly enjoyed the pseudo-animated bits.

Anyhow, this book really looks like it’s gonna tick all my boxes. Due sometime in the next month and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on September 17, 2012.

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