Let’s Play Doctors and Nasmats

Last week I had a great little 150pt demo game of Infinity with John down at the CGC, in trade for the nice Flames of War 3rd Edition intro he gave me in Clapham the other week.

In preparation I’d put together a couple of simple lists from my assembled Haqqislam and Aleph. To my shame the minis weren’t painted, only undercoated white, but some time ago I’d come to the realisation that if I only played with fully painted armies then I’d never play at all! Anyway, I find that fielding the mini spurs me on to getting them painted. So there.

Here are the lists we played:

  • Haqqislam – Ghulam Lieutenant, Ghulam HMG, Ghulam Panzerfaust, Ghulam Doctor + Nasmat Remote, Murabids Tuareg Sniper, Hassassin Fiday, Naffatun
  • Aleph – Deva Functionary Lieutenant + Devabot, Myrmidon x 2, Netrod x 2, Asura w/ Spitfire
  • Probably not the most balanced lists but enough to give John a feel for the key mechanics of the game, with a couple of notable exceptions (Hacking and Link Teams). I feel the main things to get one’s head around in Infinity are the order pool, opposed rolls and ARO (reaction) mechanic – elements that give the sci-fi skirmish game such a unique feel. As a bonus we also got to see airborne deployment and some camouflage in action with the multispectral visor as a counter.

    The game was fun and, despite my fears that I’d have forgotten how to play, we managed to muddle through with little recourse to nearby knowledgeable players for rules clarification. Can’t remember the result of the game but I do know that the Asura kicked ass (and so she should at half of the total Aleph points cost) and that I have a soft spot for the Tuareg Sniper. I just love popping her out of hidden deployment, with Predator-style ThermOptic Camouflage, to take down a few of the startled enemy – in my case it was John’s Aleph Deva Lieutenant. Cue a demonstration of “Loss of lieutenant” rules! Unfortunately for Ms Tuareg, John’s Asura (state of the art Heavy Infantry AI cyber-chick) could see her plain as day.

    Sadly we ran out of time as the club opened a little later than usual and my opponent had to leave on time, but the game was most enjoyable and reminded me just how much I like to play Infinity.

    And, as I suspected, it has really spurred me on to get a good portion of my Haqqislam painted up this week. I’ve actually been out of the country for a few days but before I left for Spain I did manage to get the Ghulam Doctor done.

    Infinity Haqqislam Doctor

    Infinity Haqqislam Doctor

    Again, I’m pleased with the results for the amount of time I put in. I figured I’d go for a touch of white on her to emphasise the medic theme, and gave her some white flashes in her hair to denote age and experience.

    Here she is, giving her little Nasmat medi-bot a test run:

    Infinity Haqqislam Doctor and Nasmat Remote

    Hmm, probably the fearsome Hassassin Fiday should be next on the painting table.

    ~ by Max Von Deadlock on August 19, 2012.

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    1. Great minis!


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