Smell the Tuareg Campfires

Seems like I’m down at a one-post-a-month rate right now. Not good.

Funny how the motivation waxes and wanes, huh? Anyone else out there go through those phases where the thought of picking up a brush just doesn’t appeal for some reason? Any tips for getting around it you’d like to share?

Anyway, the reason I’m here right now is to share a finished paintjob I did fairly quickly for my Infinity Haqqislam. A friend asked me to give him a demo game, in trade for a Flames of War refresher, so I thought I’d use that as motivation to get back to the Haqqislam.

Here’s a Murabid Tuareg Sniper lady to go with my Ghulam.

Infinity Murabid Tuareg

Infinity Murabid Tuareg

I’m pleased with the result given that I painted her relatively quickly. I’ve got a couple of weeks off work coming up and I think I will make it my project to get a playable Infinity squad all painted up.

Maybe I’ll return to posting more than once a month!


~ by Max Von Deadlock on August 9, 2012.

8 Responses to “Smell the Tuareg Campfires”

  1. I think we all know how much I paint, and how much I enjoy it…

    But when I do manage, I tend to list to gaming related pod casts or videos to keep my interest going…


    • Yeah, I’ve enjoyed listening to podcasts and audio dramas while painting. Good call.

      Sounds like you’re a bit more disciplined with your painting these days, Lars 🙂


      • Heh, I haven’t picked up a paint brush in months -_-
        Having said that, I have a pile of Forge World models that will be needing a paint job soon…

        Which segways me nicely into my next question: Do you take commisions? And do you fancy painting some Tau? 😀


  2. Looks really nice. I would give more detailed commentary, but I can’t actually see it at the moment as I’m at work and the bloody filter strips the images! I saw it on my flickr feed before I left the house though. I remember liking the sharp black edging to highlight the pocket details.

    I go through demotivated periods all the time – latest one lasted the best part of a year! Got out of it by mentally abandoning a load of half painted stuff I had lost interest in and starting something new that inspired me.

    Unsure whether having a game to prepare for helps or not. I find it helps get that particular squad or whatever painted, but the forced regime can have a detrimental effect in the long run. Now I just paint what I want when I want, and don’t sweat it if I go for a while without doing anything.


    • Cheers, James. Your comment about the long term effect is really interesting. I certainly felt like I burned out after the Warmachine stuff. But at my normal rate I probably got three years worth of painting done in a few weeks!


  3. Excellent work on that lass. The metal/black looks great, very well blended together.

    Tips to keep painting? Well I always try to keep my desk clear of clutter, so I can just sit down and paint without having to clean anything up first. Also, if I can’t be bothered painting, but aren’t doing anything else anyway, I say to myself “I’ll just do ten minutes” or “I’ll just basecoat three figures.” I’ll usually end up doing much more than that.


    • Many thanks for the comment, Vladdd309 🙂

      Unfortunately in my flat I don’t have a dedicated painting/hobby desk so the Paintstation jumps between storage atop a filing cabinet and the dining table. Mrs Von D is actually super understanding and would probably be fine about me being permanently camped on the table.

      I’ve found the wet palette has helped though. I can just pop off the lid and pick up with exactly the palette I was using before, which makes it easier to just do a quick twenty minute session. And inevitably, like you say, I’ll look up at the clock and find I’ve been painting for a couple of hours!


  4. […] ass (and so she should at half of the total Aleph points cost) and that I have a soft spot for the Tuareg Sniper. I just love popping her out of hidden deployment, with Predator-style ThermOptic Camouflage, to […]


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