Joining the Cult of Yurei

Readers who have followed my blog for a while will have realised how fickle I am and so easily drawn to the next shiny thing!

So it’s just as well that new miniatures game Bushido, by GCT Studios, is a small scale skirmish one that doesn’t need many minis!

I noticed it some time back and, while it always piqued my interest, I thought I could let it go by. That was until people started getting interested in it down at the Cross Gaming Club, and now the chaps from GCT, who are actually fairly local, are popping down the club to run intro sessions tomorrow night. Very nice of them.

So I bit the bullet and ordered a starter set.

Quick bit about the game itself. The name’s a giveaway in that it’s a Feudal Japanese sort of setting but with magic and demons, etc. It shares a lot of reference with Legend of the Five Rings – superb CCG and tabletop roleplaying games by Alderac Entertainment – which is a good thing.

I’ve seen the game being played and it does look rather fun. Models represent individual characters who each have a few special abilities, though not as many as a Malifaux minion, say. There’s a nifty dice mechanic in that you get to decide the spread of your dice between offensive and defensive. So say I have 4 dice for a character to melee an opponent, I might roll 2 as attack and 2 as defence in my opposed roll, keeping the highest dice in each case and comparing to my opponent’s dice.

Then there’s the concept of Chi. Each character generates a certain amount of Chi (focus) per turn and can burn it to add to dice rolls or pay for special abilities, or alternatively accumulate it across turns to spend in a big splurge. It’s another simple mechanics that adds a neat bit of decision-making and tactical nuance to the game.

Another thing the game has in its favour is that it can be played on a tabletop as small as 2′ x 2′. So the outlay in terrain, etc, should be very manageable.

(Caveat: Please bear in mind that this summary is based on no actual gameplay from me – just some rule-skimming and a bit of observation)

Anyway, I took a look at the four factions available in the base game and opted for the Cult of Yurei who are basically a bunch of creepy looking necromancer types. Reminiscent of the Resurrectionists in Malifaux, I suppose.

Other factions available today are The Prefecture of Ryu (more traditional samurai/humans), The Temple of Ro-Kan (martial artist monks and spirits), and The Savage Wave (Demons). And there has also just been a successful Indiegogo campaign to introduce a fifth faction called the Ito Clan.

My Cult starter came in a clamshell rather than a box but there were a lot of goodies crammed in there:

Bushido Cult of Yurei Starter

As you can see, there’s a rulebook, six models with their stat cards and a shedload of little dice in three colours.

The models themselves are really very nice sculpts. Pretty straightforward to clean up and assemble, although there were a few mould lines to clear up. Nothing catastrophic but something I needed to file and take some wet/dry paper to.

After pinning and assembly I did a little bit of tidying with green stuff to fill tiny gaps but again not much work was required.

Bushido Cult of Yurei Starter

Once assembled and undercoated they look pretty cool I think.

Cult of Yurei Starter Miniatures WIP

Left to right we have:

– Kairai Villager
– Ikiryo
– Kato Kubiashi “The Puppet Master”, with a separate Mannequin
– Kairai Villager
– Kairai Ashigaru (made altogether more creepy as he reminds me of the unintentionally terrifying Noseybonk from 80’s childrens TV show Jigsaw)

At the weekend I took it upon myself to try to get one of the Kairai villagers painted, as you can see.

I made some frighteningly fast progress and had him mostly finished on Saturday. Little bit of touching up and basing and he’s all done now. Looking suitably eerie in that mask, and with a crow chowing down on his ear like that. I had lots of fun adding some purple and green glazes to the fleshtones to give a bit of a rotten pallor, though not as much as I perhaps could have done. Freshly risen, I’d say.

Bushido Kairai Villager

Bushido Kairai Villager

Bushido Kairai Villager

Brief word about the bases: I wanted something quick and unified so I picked up a pack of pre-cast resin “Lake of Sorrows” bases by Forgecraft. I think with the darkened earth tone it gives a suitably blighted effect, fitting for the Cult.

Looking forward to playing the game tomorrow night and getting the rest of these models painted up.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on July 11, 2012.

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