Wargame Demo Tables, I Salute You

One of my favourite things about Salute is seeing all the fantastic demo tables that companies and games club put together and run throughout the day.

Seeing those nicely painted miniatures brought to life against the backdrop of some interesting terrain is one of the main draws of the hobby. This year I spent plenty of time drifting from table to table, taking snapshots of those that impressed me most.

So without further ado let me present to you a handful of my picks from the crop of Salute 2012 demo tables.

Gruntz Demo at Salute 2012

First up is a three part table for the 15mm sci-fi game Gruntz. I was taken by this table because it was such a nice way to present different aspects of the game.

I think for demo purposes a small 2’x2′ terrain setup with a handful of miniatures is a great way to go, and here they had three such tables – including a nice interior “bug hunt” scenario in the foreground.

It must have been cool to play through some linked scenarios on those boards.

Well done guys. I’ve never really been taken by the 10-15mm scale sci-fi stuff but this, along with an impressive stand for new game Dropzone Commander, has rather tickled my fancybone.

One thing you can count on is that the Freebooter’s Fate team will put together a splendid demo table for their pirate skirmish game and this year they didn’t disappoint. A nice island/swamp affair with connected walkways which would have been great fun to demo on, I’m sure.

I think the raised solid wooden frame adds a real touch of class and I can imagine it’s very satisfying to clatter the dice in there – casino style – without fear of them scattering off the table edge.

Freebooter's Fate Demo at Salute 2012

Steampunk has been a la mode in the hobby this past few years and there was plenty of brass goggles stuff on display at Salute this year.

West Wind have a new offering called Empire of the Dead, and Micro Art Studios were demoing a beta version of Wolsung.

Both looked great, but I think Wolsung edged it for me with the slightly nicer minis and a touch of the exotic about it. Possibly due to Micro Arts being a Polish company.

Wolsung Demo at Salute 2012

Many of the demo tables made good use of laser-cut MDF terrain buildings. This has been something of a recent revolution in terrain manufacture and you’re seeing more and more suppliers get on board with the process.

Companies like Sarissa Precision and Gamecraft to name but a couple are putting out some impressive product, with many demo tables being accompanied by the telltale and not unpleasant aroma of burnt wood!

Infinity Demo at Salute 2012Sarissa’s System Infinity range, for example, is perfectly suited to the (not so coincidentally named) Infinity skirmish game by Corvus Belli.

I must say that I tend to be drawn more to the small skirmish demo tables and, though I can appreciate grandeur of a billiard table sized Napoleonic conflict in 20mm scale, it doesn’t really grab me.

That said, there were plenty of impressive offerings and I did enjoy seeing the giant 20th century battlefields.

The level of detail can be staggering, really inviting the viewer to peer in close and marvel at the effort put in by its creators.

I’ll leave you with a few such epic battlefields and encourage you to click through to the bigger versions so you can enjoy the detail. Well, whatever you can make out from my fuzzy photography at least!

Impressive wargame demo at Salute 2012

Impressive WW1 Wargame Demo at Salute 2012

Cool Samurai Wargame Demo at Salute 2012


~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 29, 2012.

4 Responses to “Wargame Demo Tables, I Salute You”

  1. Glad you liked the Gruntz boards, I helped out with the construction especially at the end when we were rushing to finish!
    The skirmish game boards were pretty awesome at Salute….I loved the Freebooter’s Fate one and the Wolsung board was absolutely gorgeous! Apparently all the buildings, walkways etc used on that will be kits available to buy soon….


  2. I love seeing really nice demo scenery and terrain (such as any of the above). My favourite is still the amazing layout for when Games Workshop launched the Judge Dredd roleplaying game at Games Day 1985 (or there abouts). Must have been 4ft by at least 10ft and up to 3 or 4 ft tall in places too – lots of polystyrene painted various shades of grey. Wish I could find some pictures of it. Me and my friends spent ages scrounging packing from local electrical shops to build our own version and I still have some of the buildings in my loft over 25 years later!


  3. […] toying with the idea of recording some video! Another post that gets regular views is the one about wargame demo tables at Salute. I like that as it was a positive celebration of the awesome work people put into their gaming […]


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