Slow Grow Painting Progress

My tactical prowess in the league may indeed be growing too slowly for my liking, but the painted model count is anthing but.

I’m really pleased with the fact that I am able to get models finished in time and that it’s looking likely I’ll have a fully painted 50 point Warmachine force in a couple of weeks time. It will be a serious achievement for me, being the first time I’ve completed an army like this. Sure, I’ve been able to field fully painted Malifaux crews but they only weigh in at a handful of models each.

Anyway, to demonstrate progress here’s the latest addition which takes me to 35 points of Cygnar:

Arlan, Hunter & The Black 13th

From left to right we have:

Captain Arlan Strangeways – Cygnar Solo
Hunter – Cygnar Light Warjack
Black 13th Gunmage Strike Team (Ryan, Lynch & Watts) – Cygnar Unit

Plenty I’d change or refine if I gave myself more time, but for gaming I’m super pleased with them and they sit nicely alongside the rest of my Cygnar battlegroup.

Slight shame that the Black 13th models are so short. For some reason the sculpts are at a slightly smaller scale – more like 28mm than 32mm. So they kind of look like children when stood next to other human sized figures!

One thing which has been a real time-saver for me is the use of the airbrush to lay down the first basecoat.

In this case I undercoated all models with GW Chaos Black spray, and then airbrushed the predominant colour. For Arlan and the Hunter I started with a deep green for the recesses, then went over with a mid blue and finally a light dusting with light blue from above.

I used a similar approach but with grey shades for the Black 13th.

For character minis I still think I prefer to brush paint over a white undercoat, but I may need to review that at some point. Certainly for bulk painting the spraying saves me at least a few hours I’d say.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 24, 2012.

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