Slow Grow Round 4 – Punching Meat

Oh dear, the less said about last night’s round four Slow Grow league game the better.

My Cygnarans put in a dismal performance against Luke’s Retribution army and it turned out to be quite a demoralising rout.

I don’t like losing (who does?) but I really don’t mind as long as I get to do at least one cool thing in the game.

There was nothing cool about the fact I only managed to kill three of his infantrymen the entire game while he pretty much tabled me by turn three and had the option to kill the surrounded Kara Sloan, or metaphorically walk the ball across the line for a scenario victory.

Despair was compounded by the fact that I’m not sure what I did wrong.

The dice weren’t particularly against me and I don’t feel like the matchup was particularly one-sided. After the instructional game against Leon’s Menoth in Round 3 – in which I felt I learned a lot and gained confidence – this game has dumped me right back on my posterior, the referee’s count ringing in my ears.

I must quickly point out that Luke did play a very good game. He was well drilled, got the most of his synergies, picked his targets, and used terrain to his advantage. I should maybe stop trying to post mortem my own performance and consider what he did right.

Anyway. Another worrying thought is that we were trying to play at competition speed – trying to complete our respective turns within the proposed 12 minute tournament timeframe.

We pretty much both failed at that and we were only playing a 35pt game! It’s going to be 50 points in the real deal. Yikes.

Must say that I’m kinda dreading that one day event now.

So you can see I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself.

I guess I’ll need to pick myself back up and get in training. It would seem prudent for me to get as many practice games in as I can before the one day event.

Maybe I should go run in the snow and punch slabs of frozen meat, Eye of the Tiger playing on the iPod!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 22, 2012.

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