Kudos to Battlefront

Just wanted to raise a glass to those fine Kiwis at Battlefront for their Flames of War 3rd Edition rulebook giveaway.

I popped down to Dark Sphere at the weekend, showed them my 2nd edition hardback (a lovely book, btw) and they just handed me a free A5 3rd edition rulebook. That’s right, anyone who can show they own a second edition rulebook gets a copy of the 3rd edition folio absolutely free.

Battlefront haven’t skimped on it either. It’s printed in full colour, nearly 300 pages long, and is chock full of artwork and nice illustrative examples.

I’ve heard reports that the binding can go after a bit of handling and people are recommending getting it spiral bound.

But still, can you imagine Games Workshop doing a giveaway scheme like this with the rumoured upcoming 40K sixth edition? Nope.

Kudos to Battlefront. You guys rock.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Kudos to Battlefront”

  1. With the amount they charge for 15mm figs and the number of hardcover ‘codexes’ and those prices they can afford to pop out free replacement books. 😉


    • Heh. That’s as maybe.

      I think the hardback army books seem like fairly reasonable value considering what you get in there and the extrememly high production. Certainly if you compare to a GW equivalent.

      As for the minis, yep they sure are pricey. However there are certainly alternative cheaper options available. For example, I’ve just recently picked up a box of 5 Panzer IVs by Plastic Soldier Co, and a pack of 3 Panthers by Forged in Battle. They probably weighed in at about half the cost of the equivalent official FoW minis.

      Provided one’s not playing in official tourneys then mixing manufacturers to get the best value seems like the way to go. It’s not like Battlefront own the IP for WW2!

      But stil, that v3 rulebook giveaway is pretty amazing, IMO.


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