Battle Report – Kara Sloan vs Thagrosh the Messiah (Warmahordes)

I played the second game in the club slow grow WarmaHordes league on Tuesday.

This time I was facing an experienced player – Tom – and his deliciously gory Legion of Everblight.

He fielded Epic Thagrosh The Messiah and some rather scary looking beasties; specifically Typhon, a Scythean, Shredder, Stinger and The Forsaken. Big old blood spattered beasties bristling with teeth and rending claws.

It was my first game against a Hordes opponent so I was intrigued to see how the different mechanics worked, and hoped they wouldn’t screw me over too badly. The main difference between Hordes and Warmachine is that beasts generate fury which the Warlock can siphon for spells whereas a Warmachine Warcaster generates her own focus to channel through spells and her Warjacks.

Fury seems to have a lag to it, in that the Hordes Warlock uses fury generated in the previous turn. Stored fury can be used to redirect damage from the warlock to his beasts, which makes a one turn assassination tricky.

Warmachine 25pt League Game vs Legion

Anyway, back to the batrep.

We set out some nice terrain representing a desert or coastal village, and attempted some justification for why the wintry Legion would be ravaging such a place.

There were a few forest sections and some central buildings which gave me pause. If the Legion beasts could get into melee with my Cygnar before I could whittle them down with gunfire, I would be in serious trouble.

I perhaps foolishly decided to deploy with a split flank – Kara and her Heavy Warjacks on the left of some woods, the Gun Mages in the centre. My reasoning was that the left flank gave the clearest fire lanes across the village. Whereas a central deployment would allow the beasts to reach the centre table with minimal fire from my gun lines.

As expected the Legion Deployed behind the cover of the village.

We got the game underway and turn one was the traditional generating upkeep spells and fury, and pushing to get into range.

I managed to get one or two ineffective pot shots out early before Thagrosh triggered his feat and sent his large warbeasts charging forward. Luckily for me the range was too short and only his shredder managed to make it into the midst of my Gun Mages, bearing down on the officer who luckily avoided being eviscerated that turn. Three headed Typhon, squaring up to my Cyclone had importantly blocked off the leftmost firelane and the viscious Scythean charged forward to the central woods.

I had lttle choice but to respond with Kara’s feat turn. With beasts in my face I had one chance to assassinate Thagrosh before my ranged specialists were butchered, and the Legion could take an objective victory by occupying the central region unopposed.

Firstly, the Gun Mage Officer tried to scramble away from the Shredder but was killed in the process. Then a couple of his unit finished off the beast. The remainder of that unit pumped shots into the Scythean, wounding it.

Back in Kara’s battlegroup, Reinholdt offered up his reload assistance to Kara and she syphoned some extra focus from the arcane reservoir of the Squire. The Cyclone, ignoring its dual gatling cannons, opted to step up and physically throw Typhon into the woods. There was a brief struggle but with Kara channeling focus through the ‘jack it got the better of the Legion beast and hurled it crashing into the trees.

Significantly this opened up a fire channel to Thagrosh and a massive barrage was directed at the Warlock.

As each shot came in, Thagrosh did what he could to divert the damage to his warbeasts. It wasn’t enough though and, with the very last round from the Heavy Barrel of the Defender, Thagrosh was overcome.

Victory to Kara Sloan and Cygnar.

Now, at this point I must point out just how generous my opponent was in this game. Because of the way we had laid out the terrain, we opted to ignore the left side for the killbox rule (I actually forgot that the side edges counted for instant elimination if the warcaster was too close to the edge, so really shouldn’t have deployed there). Also, Tom was very lenient on some range measurements for shooting.

As a fellow Cygnar player, I think he secretly wanted Kara’s battlegroup to prevail!

It was a very instructional game though and fantastic to see Tom’s lovely Everblight models in amongst the terrain. Such a shame the lighting at the club is so dim.

I like WarmaHordes. It’s a fast and straightforward game compared to the likes of Malifaux. Both of my games so far have been over within about three turns. The games have played out more like a swift duel than a pitched battle, which has suited me fine while I am learning.

Looking forward to round three next: “fluff week”. In this game I will be facing a Menoth force as we re-enact a story showdown that happens in the Domination book.

I’m not expecting my opponent to go quite so easy on me this time, though at least I have some league points on the board now and my final result won’t be as embarassing as in the last two Malifaux events!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 27, 2012.

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