Space Pug Misses His Deadline

Well the deadline for the Hasslefree Hustle contest over on Platoon Britannica is about thirty minutes away and I’m sad to say I’ve not got my entry finished in time. I don’t really have any valid excuses apart, perhaps, for the Cygnar painting I’ve been doing for the slow grow.

Still, I’ve really enjoyed painting the space pug (or is he a bulldog?) and I intend to ensure he is finished in time for Salute as a potential sci-fi single entry.

As you can see, he’s really not that far off being done:

Hasslefree Space Pug WIP Hasslefree Space Pug WIP

There’s a little bit more to do on his armour, pushing the contrast a bit more, particularly in the shadows. Talking of which, I’m really pleased with how the deep burgundy is working to complement the blue-grey. I’ve also got some tidying to do on the yellow sections, then work on the black-grey bits, and some more on his face. Shouldn’t take me too long.

But then there’s the base.

I decided I wanted to do a generic Aliens-style sci-fi corridor so I set about constructing one out of foamed PVC, plasticard and wires.

Space Pug Base WIP

I did manage to get it fully assembled and sanded down today so it’s ready for spraying. It looks a little scruffy in its newly assembled state, but I’m pretty confident that it’ll look fine once I get it painted and weathered.

Reckon the little badass pug should look pretty good on there.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 16, 2012.

4 Responses to “Space Pug Misses His Deadline”

  1. He looks really cool, and I think the base looks awesome. Can’t quite make out the scale, the sides look like foamcore but they can’t be normal 5mm stuff as I’m guessing the figure is actually on the small side of 30mm scale? I’m guessing the whole base is about 40mm wide?



    • You’re spot on there, James.

      Base is 40mm-square, and the walls are made up of 3mm foamed PVC. It’s like foamcore but is solid and fileable, yet it can be cut with a stanley blade. Really nifty stuff.

      The pug himself is pretty small, measuring about 22mm paws to ears.


  2. Cool. As I say, it looks really cool, look forward to seeing it painted. Shame you didn’t finish it in time for the comp. Maybe enter him at Salute? I think he looks a little bit plain atm, he could maybe stand an insignia or two on his armour?

    The mysterious “I” at the end of my first post was going to be

    “I actually picked up the brush for the first time in months yesterday, and put some paint onto a Malifaux showgirl.”,

    (I went back and fixed up a typo then hit submit accidentally).


    • I think I will have him as a Salute entry and will probably add some insignia or other freehand, as you suggest.

      Great to hear you’re painting again! Look forward to seeing your showgirls.


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