2011 in Review

Last year was a great year for me hobbywise, so it seems like a nice idea to cast an eye back through the blog archives and pick out some highlights.

Please excuse the self-indulgence, but here are some highlights from 2011 on Max Von Deadlock’s Miniature Madness.


Infinity Ghulam Infantry2011 started out with me finishing off an Infinity model – a Ghulam Infantry trooper colour test, Which was a nice start and, I think, bode well for the coming months.

In January I declared my love for the Ameritrash boardgame genre (I really must post a review of Gears of War, come to think of it) and I went off to some sunny climes, to chase away the winter blues, with a travel painting kit in the suitcase.

I recall painting Malifaux Candy and the Doppelganger in the Canary Islands – Mrs Von Deadlock and I carrying out a lollipop colour recce along the seafront arcade!

With Salute looming, I set to work on my main entry to that – the Kingdom Death Preacher- and continued to work up my Malifaux Pandora crew.

Amazingly I even managed to get some actual games in at the Cross Gaming Club!


Salute Painting Competition TrophySpring saw me getting into yet another new game, in the form of the steampunk Dystopian Wars – beginning a relationship with Spartan Games which would bear fruit later in the year.

We had a fantastic story-led Malifaux tournament/event in March, although it cemented my reputation as “more of a painter than a player” as I, yet again, came absolute last!

Then April came along and the first of my significant events of the year – taking gold at the Salute painting competition. Amusingly it was my Pandora crew that did it, rather than my primary entry – the Preacher stood atop a Japanese bridge – which ironically didn’t even make it to the final judging round.

I attended a painters meetup with some of the London based Platoon Britannica crew, and also dabbled with yet another game – SMOG 1889.


Summer started quietly for me, hobbywise, as the Lady and I went over to Germany for our annual pilgrimage to the Wave Gotik Treffen music festival in Leipzig, Germany. Though I did continue to paint up my Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet for Dystopian Wars in June.

I also played a bit of the excellent boardgame Incursion, commencing a mildly ambitious project to build a papercraft 3D setup for it. It’s still bubbling away and I intend to get back to that imminently.

Cinematic sci-fi skirmish game Infinity came back onto the agenda as it began to get traction at the local games club, and as a result I got to work on my Haqqislam squad.

Then significant event number two: my first ever freelance painting commission, for Spartan Games.

It was really flattering to have been approached and I was excited to work for them, though it did prompt a dry spell here on the blog as I was muzzled by an NDA.

Eventually, in August, the first piece of published work – the Metzger robot – was shown online to pleasingly positive reviews and I was especially excited to see it featured on a Beasts of War weekly roundup video.


Tartan Ork SpeedpaintThroughout early autumn I continued to quietly paint freelance for Spartan but I also managed to get my Infinity Haqqislam to table a few times for some very enjoyable games.

And I also returned to Malifaux, managing to infect a work colleague with enthusiasm for the game. I hope he’ll be a semi-regular opponent this year.

I finally got around to trying out a wet palette and wondered why I’d waited so long. I think it’s fair to say that it revolutionised my painting methods and significantly increased my speed – as evidenced by my winning a Platoon Britannica speedpaint competition in Cambridge, in November.

Also in November I came out from under the Spartan NDA and showed some of the pieces I had painted for them, such as the Ika mechanical squid submarine and the 28mm steampunk aviatrix, Lily.

As the year came to a close, I signed up to a small online painting competition at Platoon Britannica and finally finished the creepy giant Teddy for Malifaux.

Another first was having my work published in the Wargames Illustrated magazine, being somewhat ecstatic to spot their Salute coverage issue in my local game store.

Finally, I signed up to a slow grow league at the Cross Gaming Club and, using my newfound speedpaint skills, got to work churning out Warmachine Cygnar pieces.

I like that the year finished with such prolific painting and I hope that it can continue throughout 2012.

Looking forward to 2012

Well that was my hobby year, as chronicled in 78 blog posts. I had aimed to hit the 100 post mark and was pretty much on track to do so were it not for the freelance work.

This coming year I’m looking forward to pushing myself even further in the hobby.

Particularly, now that I’ve figured out how to speed up my painting, I am hoping to get some of my armies finished up. I even plan to pick up a display cabinet so I can happily display my works, which are mostly hidden away in boxes and army cases under the bed. I reckon it would be a pretty good motivator – seeing the cabinet filling up with finished pieces.

Hopefully I’ll be entering some more competitions and can maybe pick up a trophy or two, though at the moment I am focusing more on army painting and clearing the unpainted lead mountain!

Whatever’s to come, I’m sure it’ll be an interesting time and I hope I’ll have plenty to show you here on Max Von Deadlock’s Miniature Madness.

As a closing comment, I’d like to thank all readers for stopping by. It’s always nice to get comments from friends and from people who’ve just dropped in for a look. And do let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see more of here on the blog.

All the best for 2012,

Max Von D

~ by Max Von Deadlock on January 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “2011 in Review”

  1. Congratulations on a successful 2011 Max! I’ve been reading and subsequently subscribing to your posts since around October and it’s inspiring to see your work. I also like that you’re one of the more active bloggers (freelance work permitting) for the hobby as well.

    Good luck for 2012 and wish me luck too. I’ve returned to the hobby after a 12 year hiatus and this year I’d like to test the water in a couple of competitions. Right, better get painting!




    • Many thanks for the comment, Paul. Maybe I’ll catch you at a comp or meetup some time.

      Great to hear you’ve returned to the hobby also. If you’re into the painting side of things I’d recommend Platoon Britannica if you haven’t been over there yet.

      Out of interest, are you just painting, or playing as well?


      • Just painting right now. I wouldn’t rule out playing but it’s the aesthetic side of the hobby that appeals to me the most and that’s keeping me pretty busy!

        Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll take a look now.


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