Squire Done

Second mini finished for my Cygnar slow grow: Squire.

Squire Finished Squire Finished

He looks pretty untidy in places but I’m forcing myself to speedpaint so I’m not so bothered. And he’ll look cool enough on the table I’m sure.

I think he took a little longer than Reinholdt, weighing in at a just under four hours I think. Metallics caused me to go a bit slower as I didn’t use the wet palette, and I had to be careful of contaminating the water with metallic flecks.

Might have to see how a wet palette works with metallics as I think that could speed things up a bit.

Anyway, next up is Captain Kara Sloan – the warcaster, and leader of this merry little band.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on December 24, 2011.

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