Max in Print

While browsing around in my FLGS* the other day, I spotted a back issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine, which contained a feature on Salute 2011.

The magazine actually ran coverage across two issues (285 & 286), so I felt compelled to pick up the second – focusing on the painting competition.

On opening it up I was delighted to see a full two-page spread of the competition winners, including my very own Neverborn Pandora crew.

Here’s the spread on pp84-5:

Wargames Illustrated 286 Spread

Awesome. So nice to see my work in print.

(They did slightly mis-spell my name, but I’ll let them off!)

* FLGS = Friendly Local Games Store, which in my case is Orcs Nest, in Central London.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on December 8, 2011.

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