Definition of Madness

I think it’s fair to say that most people in the miniatures hobby world are a little on the crazy side – I mean, beyond the “grown men playing with toy soldiers” thing. It’s a safe bet that they will have piles of lead and grey plastic which is sat in boxes, waiting to be painted. Not that this stops us buying more boxes and blisters of lead/plastic shinies.

Some of us take this madness to another level and pick up new rulebooks and get into new games when we barely have enough time to play the ones we’re already invested in.

I’m definitely guilty of both the above.

Having just picked up a rulebook for yet another new system, I figured I’d come clean and list out all those which I have dabbled with over the years.

It’s a scary list…


Malifaux is the game I have most completed stuff for, and the game I tend to play most these days. I can even field two completely painted crews. Unheard of!

I love the characterful sculpts and the small squad/crew nature of it means I can really get into painting the individual miniatures.

It also has a great cardplay mechanic and an integrated objectives system which isn’t bolted on as an afterthought.


I’d say Infinity is my second tabletop game at the moment. I don’t have any completely painted squads but I have plenty of assembled and undercoated minis, enough to game with, at least.

Arguably the nicest tabletop miniatures around. And I love the reaction based system. Like Malifaux, it’s a squad sized game so not too many miniatures required.

Dystopian Wars

It’s gone a bit quiet on the Dystopian front but I do have a nice little set of Empire of the Blazing Sun models to field. I’ve got most of a starter set completely painted (just a handful of fighter tokens to do). I should really get a game of DW in at some point as I really enjoyed it.

Great setting, and its naval scale is a departure for me.

Warhammer 40K

40K was the game that got me back into the hobby and I’ve got a decent amount of Chaos Space Marine stuff in various states of paintedness. I also have some Blood Angels after I got excited about the codex release last year.

I’m sure I’ll get back to it at some point but for now it’s taken a back seat. I do still love the fluff though and am a fan of the Black Library fiction and RPG (produced under license by Fantasy Flight Games).

Flames of War

My first foray into 15mm gaming and definitely a system I want to play more of. I’ve got enough assembled models for a small intro battle and own enough to make a decent enough Panzergrenadier force. Look forward to getting back to FoW at some point.

I have an interest in the Second World War so when it comes to historical gaming I’d much rather be pushing tanks and HMG squads around than hoplites and halberdiers.


I’m taking part in a “slow grow” league of Warmahordes in the new year so I’ve been dusting off my old Cygnar models and adding a few choice pieces. My opening 15 points worth are assembled and undercoated, ready to be speedpainted in time for the opening week. Watch this space!

The models are nice and the fantasy-steampunk fusion is appealing. It’s also the most popular game at the Cross Gaming Club so there’s always opportunities for a game.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

I was suckered in by the idea of the new edition (8th) and the prospect of fielding a Vampire Counts army.

I just can’t honestly see it happening so chances are I’m going to be selling off some stuff to clear space.


There was a brief flurry of excitement down at the CGC about starting a league for Cutlass – the character/campaign driven pirate game. I grabbed a handful of pirate minis in preparation and picked up the rulebook.

It seems to have gone quiet again at the club, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this one comes back. I do like the idea of a Necromunda style campaign with character progression, etc.

And eyepatches. Yarr!

Freebooter’s Fate

Another pirate game which I was intrigued enough to pick up the rules for. It uses a special deck of cards to some extent – a la Malifaux. It has some very distinctive minis and nice production, though they come at a premium price.

There was a really eye-catching display board at Salute, and a cabinet full of stunningly painted minis.

Secrets of the Third Reich

I’ve surely said before that a favourite genre of mine is Weird War 2 (a la Wolfenstein) and there’s no shortage of tabletop systems for it.

I’ve also collected a few minis as a result of the Incursion boardgame. So it’s something I’d love to put together at some point – Allied squads versus Nazi Zombies, supersoldiers and SS Werewolves. That would be awesome.

Anyway, I have the Secrets of the Third Reich rulebook and a whole load of Nazi zombies to gun down with American .50 cal fire.


This is another WW2 ruleset I picked up out of interest. What I like about it is that it has the Infinity style reaction mechanic. Apparently the designers – Two Hour Wargames – wanted to come up with a simple and fun ruleset which could also play solo. It’s an ethos that resonates with me.

In addition to the base rules (2nd ed) I also picked up the War Without End supplement which adds in that (un)lovely Weird War 2 stuff.

Victory Decision

I just ordered this the other day and it’s what prompted this post/confession.

I’m a sucker for nicely produced mini games and rules (with plenty of pictures of minis and terrain), and I was impressed enough by the previews.

Also, I’ve long been an admirer of Agis Neugebauer‘s painting, so I decided to grab a copy of his ruleset.

Agis is quite the prolific painter and I am envious of his sizeable collection of really nice tabletop minis. Definitely something I aspire to.

Woah – that’s a whole lotta wargames. And I have the feeling there may also be one or two more lurking in the bookcase somewhere. I’m almost afraid to look!

So yes, a madness. But then the clue has always been up there in the blog title.

Well, I guess it just means I’m going to have to get off my backside and get serious about painting and gaming in 2012.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on December 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “Definition of Madness”

  1. No Field of Glory? Pfft. 😉


    • Heh. Although there’s been a recent interest in historical wargaming at the local club (I think they’re using Warhammer Historical), I just can’t really get into the periods for some reason.

      Celts, Cohorts, Muskets, etc, just don’t do it for me!


  2. I will start painting again at some point, I promise!!


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