A Boy and his Bear

After being on the painting table for some months now, I have eventually gotten Teddy finished.

Finally, he and Baby Kade are reunited. In fact I think they can play together tonight in an intro game against Lars.

Teddy Finished

Painting Teddy reminded me a lot of the Resurrectionist Flesh Construct in that I really was not a fan of the sculpt, but it grew on me more and more as I painted him.

Before starting on him I’d already gotten myself into a bit of a dead end with the colour scheme, so there’s a lot of tan/brown on him and the base. I wanted to mimic the colours of the stuffed bear being dragged by Baby Kade (they’re linked in game), and I also wanted the base to be homogenous with the rest of my Pandora crew.

I think there’s enough colour interest and tonal variation for it not to be too bland. A few blood splats around his grinning maw and the freehand pink tummy help there.

He’s a messy eater ain’t he?

Teddy Finished Teddy Finished Teddy Finished

~ by Max Von Deadlock on December 1, 2011.

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