A Little Bit of Warfare

As I happened to be in Reading for a friend’s birthday celebrations yesterday, I decided to pop my head in at Warfare – a show put on by the Wargames Association of Reading.

I got in an hour before closing time but they were kind enough to let us in for free.

Just enough time to have a little wander around the demo hall, saying hi to Wyrd Henchmen Ish and Clousseau who were demoing Malifaux, and to browse around the trade hall. Knowing I was off to dinner and pub later I was very restrained in my purchasing. I was limited by what would comfortably fit in my pockets.

That being a new Haqqislam Infinity mini (the Hassassin Fiday hero chap), some Black Scorpion pirates (for Cutlass) and a bag of rather nice looking Steampunk bases by Kerr & King. You may have seen bases by them before on my McMourning crew.

Overall the show was a nice little diversion. More for the wargamer than the painter, but enjoyable nonetheless.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on November 20, 2011.

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