Space Pugs are Hassle Free

Over on the Platoon Britannica forums they’ve just announced a fun little painting competition which is dedicated to Hasslefree Miniatures. It looks like it will be the first in a series of such competitions aimed at promoting small British miniatures manufacturers.

I’ve never painted, or even bought, a Hasslefree figure so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to pick up one of their fun sculpts.

And what could be more fun than a pug. In space.

Space Pug, Undercoated

I ordered the little chap on Sunday and he was waiting for me when I got in from work this evening. Thumbs up for their speedy delivery. And another thumbs up for the very reasonable price.

Anyway, eager to get started I spent a little while this evening prepping and undercoating him.

There were a few mould lines to deal with and one I didn’t notice until after I had spray undercoated. I also didn’t realise that the surface was somewhat pitted until the undercoat was on. I may need to do a bit of Milliput smoothing there. We’ll see.

Space Pug, by Hasslefree Miniatures

He’s pretty tiny as you can see in the above pic where I have laid out a penny for comparison.

Even though he’s so small I reckon he’ll be great fun to paint.

Now I just have to decide on a colour scheme, and come up with a plan for the base.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on November 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Space Pugs are Hassle Free”

  1. Since this is the second time this week that the Platoon Britannica have been mentioned to me, and being completely unaware of them before, I’m taking this as a sign and joining up.

    I’ve been aware of Hasslefree for a while but until now I’ve not had an excuse to buy from them. Looking forward to working on my entry – I’ve ordered 2 models and will decide which one to focus on when they arrive!



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