Lilac Tartan Orks are Badass. Fact

Had a most enjoyable afternoon yesterday up in Cambridge, where some members of the Platoon Britannica forums were hosting a regional meetup.

Figuring that Cambridge is pretty easy to get to for me, being a mere 45 minutes from London Kings Cross, I decided to pop along and say hi to some fellow members.

Cambridge PB Meetup - Speedpaint ChallengeThe meetup was held in a nice little games shop called Inner Sanctum Collectibles which was a handily short walk from Cambridge train station. I like this style of games shop – with plenty of tables to play games, a wide range of board and miniature games stuff on display, a vending machine for refreshments, and very friendly staff.

None of our London stores quite manage to tick all those boxes, sadly.

Anyway, it was great to meet up with the other painters – about eight or so in attendance throughout the afternoon. I felt slightly embarrassed not to have brought any of my stuff along to showcase as there was some really nice stuff on display. Always nice to see great minis up close and in person, and to be able to ask the painters questions directly about their techniques. Next time.

A few of us popped out for some lunch before the main event – a speedpaint competition wherein we had to paint a GW Black Reach Ork in one hour. To spice things up, the organiser – Fet – pulled a random theme out of a hat: tartan.

Cambridge PB Meetup - Speedpaint ChallengeNow, I’ve always considered myself to be a very slow and deliberate painter, so a speedpaint was both a scary and challenging prospect.

I set to with my new wet palette and proceeded to daub colours on the little ork as fast as I could. The great thing about the palette was that it meant I could sort of shade and blend as I went – adding a variety of tones appropriate to the part I was painting, rather than just a basecoat, followed by a highlight, and then a shadow. With the clock ticking down I had no way of knowing whether I’d get it done in time, and even have enough time to get the all important tartan done.

Thankfully I just about managed it and was about to splot some black on the base when time was called.

Models were handed over for judging and, after some close scrutiny, my lilac tartaned Ork was declared the winner!

Here he is:

Tartan Ork Speedpaint Tartan Ork Speedpaint

Thought he deserved to be photographed against a fancy background once I got him home!

It was a fun little challenge and actually quite an interesting learning experience for me. Maybe I can paint fast, after all. And maybe the mountain of unpainted lead/plastic/resin is a little less scary now!

An added bonus from the day in Cambridge was that I was able to find a much sought after Infinity figure (Djanzaban medium infantry dude with HMG), and I also got £15 store credit for winning the comp, so I treated myself to a Smart Max mini (Captain Deacon Zaitzeva, from the 1/35 Mauser Earth range). Nice.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on November 13, 2011.

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