A Tale of Neglect

I’m ashamed at the level of blog neglect here recently. A total of three posts in the last two months. Shocking.

I’m determined to turn things around and get back to posting regularly. Prior to the freelance painting gig I was posting around twice a week. Ah, those were the days!

Anyway, by way of apology here’s a picture of cute little bear – more work in progress on Teddy:

Malifaux Teddy WiP

He’s not that far off now. Probably just put some blood and gore on him (I expect he has just fed) and then get the base done.

I’m in two minds about the freehand on his tummy. I’m happy with the pink plaid effect, but a bit of bad planning means that the Mask logo (copied from the Puppet Deck) ended up a bit too high. I’ll live with it.

He’ll look suitably scary on the battlefield I think.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on November 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “A Tale of Neglect”

  1. Awesome looking teddy….but yes definite blog neglect……:(


  2. Well, these things happen when ‘real life’ takes over.

    We should have a game of 40k when my Forge World goodies have arrived; or a game where you can show me how Malifaux works 😉


    • Real life in this case was a two week holiday – so not too bad!

      Been ages since I played 40K so I’d be up for that, or anytime you’d like to try Malifaux I’d be glad to give you an intro. I could lend you a crew. Maybe one Tues/Thurs at the Cross?


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