Infinity Addendum

As an addendum to the last post, I got another Infinity game in on Thursday. Two games in one week? Unheard of!

Anyway, I fielded the same 200pt Haqqislam list. This time my opponent was a Yu Jing player. Yu Jing being the hi-tech Chinese/Japanese faction.

One of the minor failings of Infinity for me is the fact that there is no objective or mission-based play as standard – something I’ve gotten used to in Malifaux. So Chris and I decided to spice things up by adapting a Malifaux strategy and basing victory on the number of opposing terrain pieces tagged (with a short order from a base-to-base model) by the end of turn four.

It worked out fairly well and gave us something to focus on other than simply blasting enemy models.

I’d learned from the mistakes of last game and things went much better for me. In fact, I claimed a 3:2 victory when we called the game.

Star performers in the game were:

Muabids Tuareg Sniper – definitely learned my mistake here and I hidden deployed her far from the action, watching a fire lane which the Yu Jing opted to advance down. She activated on my turn and took down the enemy Guilang and Zhanshi advancing on that flank and forced the remaining troops on that side back into cover. She definitely redeemed herself from Tuesday’s lacklustre performance.

Djanbazan – another solid showing from the MSV visor-wearing Medium Infantry. With cover from the Tuareg sniper, he was able to advance and tag some terrain. He bagged a couple of victory points, and took down a charging Aragoto biker which was rushing out for an early VP grab. Good job Djanny!

Hassassin Fiday – mixed performance this time from Fiday. He started well, advance deploying and tagging a VP while impersonating a local. Then there was a very cool sequence where he faced down Chris’s star player – the Hac Tao Heavy Infantry. Managed to stalk close enough to get his killing blows in but the damn Hac Tao managed to fend off the murderous flurry while backing away. Unbelievably he passed eight of nine armour rolls, dammit! The Hac Tao survived by jumping back off the bluff edge and then killing the assassin with a hail of combi rifle fire. Epic combat that one.

That Hac Tao was definitely the Yu Jing man of the match (again). He bagged VPs for Yu Jing and single-handedly owned the left flank, taking out a number of my Ghulam infantry, the Fiday, and keeping Saladin suppressed.

The mission system worked OK. We would certainly tweak it but it demonstrated that the base gameplay of Infinity can be enhanced by adding in that little extra to focus on.

Now, I’ve got to push the list up to 300 points for another Yu Jing showdown on Tuesday, this time against Ish.

Time to bring out the big guns.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on September 3, 2011.

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