Achievement Unlocked

Oh yes, got 200pts worth of Infinity Haqqislam assembled, based, at least undercoated, and ready for the table.

I admit it, I’m an achievement whore.

I love my Xbox and particularly enjoy those moments when, having done something of minor note in a game, I get that lovely little jingle and a popup appears to tell me I’ve earned some gamerpoints. Oh those sweet sweet gamerpoints.

Anyway, I gave them their first outing on Tuesday night in a game against some HMG-toting Nomads.

As expected, I lost the game. But that’s OK. I want to get lots of table experience so I can play more instinctively, and if that means losing game after game then so be it. I actually did better than I thought, to be honest, and importantly I managed to pull off some cool tricks with some of the troops.

Infinity Haqqislam 200pt Assembled

Here’s who I fielded and how they perfomed:

Saladin – the lieutenant. His Strategos ability did its trick and I was able to control initial deployment. He also took down a Nomad Tomcat clinging to the side of a building, spraying his Nanopulser like bug spray. His No Wound Incapacitation skill meant he hung around after taking a single wound early on.

Hassassin Fiday – awesome disguised assassin. Rightly feared by Haqqislam opponents, he took down a 50+pt Nomad (Intruder?) by sidling up to them incognito (yay for the impersonation skill) and sticking them with an explosive close combat weapon. He was gunned down after, once his cover was blown, but his job was done. Nice. Awesome model too, can’t wait to paint him.

Muabed Tuareg Sniper – she was deployed hidden atop a low building but I mistakenly revealed her to respond once a Alguacil Machine Gunner stepped out into the open. Unfortunately range was too short and she missed her shot. The HMG soon dealt with her. Next time, I’ll remember to keep the range longer and also use those mines of hers.

Djanbazan – medium infantry with multispectral visor. He did OK in the early game but soon fell foul of a combined attack from the Nomad Tomcat (stalking onto the board from a flanking position) and another Alguacil. With camo and stealth being such a key feature of the game, the MSV visor is a key piece of equipment. He’s a regenerator too, though that didn’t help him withstand a hail of HMG fire.

Ghulam Infantry – I brought four of them to the party. The doctor didn’t hang around long unfortunately. Next list will definitely contain a couple of cheap Nasmat Remotes so she can stay in cover and fix people up remotely with the medi-bots. My Heavy Machine Gunner performed well, taking first blood as an Alguacil fell on turn one, and then laying down some suppressing fire to control the fire lanes. The Ghulam with Light Grenade Launcher had a bit of fun lobbing mortar rounds at the Tomcat which forced it back into cover early on. And my last Ghulam turned out to be the last-man-standing when we called game close. Overall a mixed performance from the Ghulam cheerleaders.

I enjoyed playing the Haqqislam and look forward to my next game. I learned a lot about the game mechanics thanks to a very informed and instructive opponent (cheers Nat) and also how to make better use of my units in game.

I also have a bettter idea what to put in my next list – more Special Weapons (SWC) for a start. I may have to investigate a sectorial force at some point, having seen how effective linked fire teams can be.

Infinity is a very cool game. I do have a few gripes about it which I will probably come back to, but it’s certainly a lot of fun to play.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on September 3, 2011.

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