Worth the Wait: Incursion

I finally got around to playing Incursion at the weekend. And, oh my, it was awesome.

It plays very much like Games Workshop’s classic Space Hulk – in which Space Marine Terminators trudge through the twisty corridors of a floating derelict spaceship beset by hordes of Genestealers (scary clawed alien creatures).

Only, with Incursion, the setting has been transposed to an underground German secret/occult weapons facility in an alternate WW2, the Terminators have been replaced with Allied experimental Powered Exoskeletons (APEs), and the Genestealers have become Nazi Zombies. I’ve got to say, the Wolfenstein-inspired Weird War 2 setting is quite possibly my favourite genre, so that transposition sits very well with me. Oh yes indeed.

Anyway, the game is nice and simple to play. Mechanics are really easy to get your head around and it does a superb job of representing the cinematic feel of these cumbersome armour suits gunning and hacking their way through zombie hordes as the Doomsday Device ticks down.

Great stuff.

It also looks very nice too, which is a key factor for me (heh, does that make me shallow?).

Grindhouse Games have done a nice job with the art direction in the game – giving it a grimy and OTT look and feel. There’s also a really nice line of miniatures which they have put out in conjunction with West Wind Games (makers of the miniature wargame Secrets of the Third Reich). I’ve been collecting these minis and actually have a fair number of them assembled and undercoated. Look out for progress here.

I’m so inspired by the game, in fact, that I have also decided to put together 3D elements for the board to go along with the miniatures.

Last night I did a test L-shaped wall section using foamcore skinned with paper-printed textures which I fittingly ripped out of the (classic) computer game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It was simple enough that I should be able to batch build relatively quickly and I’ll get a photo up of that test piece asap.

So, look out for more Incursion here on the blog in the coming weeks. Dudes, it’s going to be so frickin’ awesome!

Calm down Max.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on July 6, 2011.

One Response to “Worth the Wait: Incursion”

  1. Sounds awesome! May very well have to get this given the Wolfenstein-esque setting (minus the more crazy stuff in the newer games) is also pretty much my favourite setting (Yay Hellboy!), can’t wait to see what the terrain you came up with looks like!


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