Priming and Pushing the Bar

So some good news: I think I’ve found a decent primer spray.

I have tended to use the GW white undercoat spray but have always been mindful that it’s somewhat overpriced and that there were cheaper alternatives out there. I have also had some occasions of it turning powdery for some unknown reason (such as when I was priming the Kingdom Death Preacher – eek!).

I’d heard people recommend using car primer so thought I’d give some a go and picked up some cheapy stuff from eBay (there are no Halfords or equivalents near me, believe it or not).

I went for a couple of cans of Simoniz white primer, at a fraction of the cost of the GW equivalent. It actually cost me £4 per can including postage.

This afternoon I tentatively undercoated some Incursion miniatures (by Grindhouse Games) and am happy to report that the coverage is smooth, matt and even, over metal and resin (bases). The spray was also very fine, controllable and mess-free.

Hopefully it’ll take acrylics well and serve as a good base. If it does then I am well and truly sold. But so far indications are good.

You know, it occurs to me that this post is probably pushing the bar for nerdiness around here.

Yes. I got excited about a can of spray primer.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on June 20, 2011.

8 Responses to “Priming and Pushing the Bar”

  1. How about over plastic?


  2. Halfords Grey primer is great on resins.

    I use Halfords Matt Black as my undercoat of choice.


    • Yeah, I was looking for some Halfords stuff but there are none in Central London, or near where I work. I don’t have a car so the likes of Halfords and B&Q are strangely out of reach – seeing as they tend ot be located at out of town shopping centres.

      I found the Simoniz stuff on eBay and thought I’d give it a go. Happy with the results.

      I’ve never liked painting over black for some reason. Unless I’m airbrushing.


  3. I was wondering if the simoniz primer took acrylics well? It’s a pain in the ass trying to find a good cheap primer on eBay that sellers will post here (N. Ireland).


    • Yep, definitely, for your GW and Vallejo water-based acrylics at least. I’ve moved over to airbrush priming now but prior to that the Simoniz cans were doing the job.


      • Cheers man, that’s excellent news. I use Pebeo acrylics myself (thinned for my airbrush) and some tamiya paints that I need to just use up so I can use the containers for my mixed paints.


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