Max is Back (again)

Back now, from a great festival with the world’s goths in Leipzig.

And I’m as fired up as ever to get the paints out.

No real progress to show you yet, though I did slap some silver highlights on most of the Dystopian Wars fleet last night. Bit more of that to go, on the battleship and carrier.

One thing I have become aware of in recent months/years is that I am more inclined to get stuff done than I ever used to be. I’m hoping this enthusiasm and determination sticks around as I’ve got quite the backlog of things to paint – for games, and showcase.

I’ve been accruing quite a mountain of Malifaux minis. They’re really not much use sat naked in their blister packs now. So I shall endeavour to get them built and undercoated. At least they’ll then be playable (in that shameful state!)

~ by Max Von Deadlock on June 17, 2011.

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