Geeks and Goths

Got a nice hobby weekend lined up.

Tomorrow I am heading out to Reading for a painting afternoon with friends. Probably continue work on Sebastian – who I started at the Platoon britannica day. See how much of him I can get done over a few hours.

Then on Sunday I am travelling up to Birmingham for the UK Games Expo.

It’s an event I haven’t been to before but it looks like it covers all things game related – boardgames, card games, miniatures, roleplaying. Even computer games, apparently.

Not sure what to expect, though it should be a fun day out, and I expect I’ll do a mini report early next week. So watch this space.

Then next week there will be a little bit of downtime on the blog as Mrs Von Deadlock and I are off to our (mostly) annual pilgrimage to Leipzig. There we shall be wearing plenty of black clothing (weather permitting) and turning nocturnal at the Wave Gotik Treffen music festival. It’s going to be awesome. Though I doubt I’ll be taking a painting kit with me.

Heh. You know what, it just occurred to me that the overlap between goth and geek culture might make for an interesting blog topic. Let’s just say that a fair few clubbing friends I know in London are also 40K players.

Must be something about that Grim Dark Future Gothic setting that appeals.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on June 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “Geeks and Goths”

  1. as a former regular at full tilt in the electric ballroom I would have to agree with the goth/geek link


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