News from the Fleet – Dystopian Wars WiP

I’m making steady progress on the Dystopian Wars Fleet. Here’s the latest state of play:

Empire of the Blazing Sun WiP

Really not far off now and the colour scheme is pretty much there. I’m happy with the way the red gives a bit of visual interest and contrast against the blue-green.

Next step is to add some bright silver highlights – for bling – and also get to work on all those aircraft. Yikes.

I plan to add some weathering to the ships. Such as streaking from portholes and up from the water’s edge. Maybe a bit of rust powdering, and some sooting around the chimney stacks and broadside gun batteries.

Then there’s the insignia, and I also need to decide what to do about the portholes themselves. In the box shot they did them a sky blue colour – a la reflection – but I think that looks a little odd. So perhaps just do black, or maybe a neutral light grey. We’ll see.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on June 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “News from the Fleet – Dystopian Wars WiP”

  1. Looking mighty nice Mr G.

    My Prussians are coming along, slowly. I had a brief period of activity and painted all the little frigates, and basecoated most of the rest (apart from all the little fighters), but then kind of stalled. Perhaps we need to book a game in…


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