Painting with the Platoon

Platoon Britannica is a superb forum for British based miniature painters and I have found it to be a really good source of feedback and tips to improve my painting skills.

Today, a fairly small group from the London contingent of forum members gathered down at the Dark Sphere shop, by Waterloo station. It was a really nice afternoon spent painting, chatting and sharing tips and stories.

I have to say I find it really interesting and educational to watch other painters at work – seeing the techniques they use, how they mix, dilute and apply paints, etc.

Platoon Britannica Painters Meetup

Dark Sphere were very generous and enthusiastic hosts, and they seemed to genuinely enjoy having us in the shop. So big thanks to them.

Also I must shout out to Boothdom – fellow Malifaux player at the Cross Gaming Club – for organising the event.

Sadly, attendance was not quite what we might have hoped for. Seemed like a number of hopeful attendee’s plans were thwarted at the last minute by the likes of weekend engineering works, etc. Hopefully, next time we can get a few more of the local painters down.

Still, low attendance didn’t get in the way of a rather pleasant afternoon of painting and socialising with other enthusiasts.

Here’s the mini I started work in – Sebastian, Morgue Assistant, by Wyrd Miniatures:

Sebastian, Morgue Assistant WiP Sebastian, Morgue Assistant WiP

I’m quite pleased with him.

I think the shading has a slightly “painterly” style to it, which is a direction I am happy to be going in. I also got to try out some Vallejo glazing medium, which seemed to help with blending back over and smoothing out the harsher colour transitions.

Yep. A most enjoyable day and I am eagerly looking forward to the next PB meetup.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on May 22, 2011.

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