Dystopia Eludes Me

Unfortunately last night’s game of Dystopian Wars was cancelled so I didn’t get to play. However, there was another game going on down at the club so I got to loiter and watch as they learned to play the game themselves.

I think they were playing a simplified version of the ruleset and hadn’t added in the deck of cards for example. Not sure how much I learned as I ended up chatting to a load of other chaps from the club about various musings on the miniature wargaming and painting hobby.

Still, the chaps playing Dystopian Wars looked like they were having a lot of fun and I liked the visualisation of these mighty warships unleashing rocket batteries and broadsides while fighter planes and dive bombers swarmed around like gnats through a barrage of ack ack fire.

Great stuff. And hopefully I can get an intro game in next week.

Now, some upcoming dates for Max’s calendar:

Tomorrow – I’ll be playing Malifaux with James. Not sure which factions to take along with me but I am tending toward a celebratory outing with Pandora. It will give me the excuse to get some more paint on Teddy tonight. Maybe I will assemble and undercoat some Stutched Togethers and/or Coppelius for some more variety. James puts together a nice terrain layout with his impressive Papercraft skills on display (you may have seen my reports of our previous games here and here)

Sunday May 22nd – The inaugural London meetup of local members of Platoon Britannica. This is happening down at the Dark Sphere games shop, by Waterloo, and should be a great opportunity to chat with other painters and see some of their awesome work up close. Really looking forward to that.

May 14th or 28th (tbc) – A painting day in Reading. Just over a year ago, Mark hosted a painting day at his place where some buddies got together and painted up various miniatures – or in my case, a tiny bit of the Canoness which I repainted anyway! This time around I think I will aim to speedpaint a single mini and see how much I can get done. Probably one of my Malifaux minis to a tabletop standard.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on May 6, 2011.

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