Swab the Deck, with Devlan Mud

Made a bit more progress on my current (active) projects last night – namely the Dystopian Wars fleet and my Neverborn Teddy.

First up, the cute lil’ bear:

Teddy WiP

As you can see, I’ve marked out some base colours for the face and claws, and I also added a brown glaze/wash over the fur with Vallejo Smoke.

Baby Kade's BearI’m trying to colour match to the little bear that Baby Kade is carrying so I shall be making the fur a bit more orangey brown, and adding more blue-green shading.

On his tummy patch, I will probably just freehand the Neverborn faction symbol or the Masks Icon as seen in the Puppet Deck.

Should be fun to paint and fit quite nicely.

Then there’s the Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet I’m painting up for Dystopian Wars.

I’ve worked up the decking a little with some drybrushing with Vallejo Desert Yellow, followed by a wash of Devlan Mud to pick out the gaps in the wooden boards.

I like the effect, though I am wondering if I need to give it a bit more contrast. For tabletop minis such as these I think it’s key to maximise the contrast as you’re generally viewing them from many feet away.

Cruisers More WiP

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Swab the Deck, with Devlan Mud”

  1. What kind of blues are you using on this? I am really digging the color scheme.


    • Thanks 🙂

      The colour is mainly based around a mix I made up some time ago as a generic shading colour. It is a turquoise colour consisting (probably) of Vallejo Gunship Green and Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue. This was airbrushed directly over a black undercoat.

      I next added in some Vallejo Light Green Blue to the mix and airbrushed some highlights. Finally I drybrushed pure Vallejo Light Green Blue to pick out the edges, rivets, etc.

      Hope that helps.


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