Neatly Regimented Slugs

Back to the grind.

Well, it’s not really a grind, but bulk-painting a steampunk naval armada for Dystopian Wars feels so utterly different to what I’ve been doing for the Salute competition entries this past couple of weeks.

I’ve got all the starter box ships and aircraft assembled and now they’re black-undercoated, ready for some colour.

No pics to show you I’m afraid. They’d probably just look like a field of neatly regimented slugs anyway!

I’ve got the old neodymium magnets out again and stuck them on the Sokotsu class battleship. It has a hardpoint at the back for an interchangeable shield / disruption generator option and I also decided to magnetise the gun batteries – so I can point them at my enemies mid-game! (Mrs Von Deadlock will inevitably declare that I’m such a geek)

I’ve not yet magnetised the weapon pieces though. It occurs to me that, as they’re so small, I probably only need a magnet on the hull of the ship and can get away with a small metal disk on the weapon itself. Trouble is, I’m struggling to find a piece of easy-to-cut ferrous sheet material to use!

I’ve just ordered a 0.6mm magnetic sheet from eBay so hopefully that’ll do the job.

Annoyingly, because I had decided not to double the magnets I took no notice of the poles as I was gluing them in. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite me!

Anyway, the ships (and bombers and fighter tokens) are all undercoated, and tonight I think I shall get the airbrush to them. I’m probably just going to mimic the appealing studio paintscheme – ie grey-turquoise, with golden brown decking and red details.

I’m aiming to fast paint this lot and feel like they should respond well to drybrushing and washing, after some initial shading with the airbrush. So I should have a photograph of some nicely coloured ships to show you soon.

…more caterpillars than slugs, I hope.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 21, 2011.

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