Keeping up the Dystopian Momentum

I’m determined to keep up the momentum on my Dystopian Wars fleet so I got the airbrush out this evening to lay down some base colouring.

Dystopian Wars WiP

Dystopian Wars WiP

To get the effect I started off with a deep blue-green sprayed over all the hull areas. Then I lightened it up by mixing in some Vallejo Light Green Blue and did a more limited coat – sticking mainly to the tops of the hulls.

I next plan to use pure Light Green Blue as a drybrush to pick out some detailing. Then I’ll probably glaze back down to even things out again. Maybe also get some panel lining done with a wash of some sort.

The pics just show a subset of the ships by the way.

Neverborn Teddy WiPSeeing as I had the airbrush out and creepy Malifaux Teddy sat on the table nearby, I decided to get some basecoats on him while I was at it.

I really like Teddy in Panda colouring but I’ve decided to mimic the colours I used on Baby Kade’s bear – seeing as they’re kind of linked anyway. So it’s Desert Yellow for the majority of his fur, and a deep blue-green in the shadow areas.

Basically, I sprayed the blue-green in the recessed areas, and then sprayed the Desert Yellow directly down from above. It’s what the kids are calling zenithal highlighting these days!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 21, 2011.

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