Preacher Update

I seem to have overcome the Preacher undercoat disaster and have moved on to the painting phase proper.

Preacher WiPAfter a night out on Friday, I was suffering on Saturday – and this scuppered my productivity somewhat.

In an effort to make some progress I soldiered on with the basecoating but I really had one of those days. My hands were unusually shaky, the brush wouldn’t go where I wanted it to and the paints just weren’t flowing properly. This ended in a rather splotchy and messy basecoat layer.

I hadn’t even had that much to drink the night before, and had deliberately came home very early from the club. How annoying.

Anyway, thankfully I managed to pull things back on track a bit over the rest of the weekend and as you can see I am forging ahead with laying down shading, and importantly, tidying up that mess!

Plenty more tidying and shading to do though. Unfortunately the quick snaps I took late last night don’t show things off too well, but at least you can get an idea of the overall look and feel. I think I’ll be glazing to a more orange colour on the cloth, and probably tan her skintone a bit.

Also need to start thinking about her hair colour and what freehand I’ll be doing. I’m currently thinking I might go for a turquoise/emerald crystal effect on the phial at her waist and also for the hammer head. Just for a bit of bling, y’know.

Preacher Base WiPThe base is pretty much assembled and is now being painted. As you can see I’ve got some low level basecoating going on which will serve as a foundation for lots of drybrushing and washing/glazing. Colours will be much richer and lighter in the final version.

What currently looks like dirt will end up being a more orangey moss with green patches. The Japanese lantern will have some green/orange moss patches. The bridge handrail will be much redder. The stones are going to have some white lichen spotting and general discolured patches. The ferns, reeds and foliage will be various shades of mid to pale green.

I got it all planned out…

Generally I’m pleased with progress so far and, now that the paint’s going on, am feeling much more confident that I’ll have things done in time.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 5, 2011.

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