It’s All Gone a Bit Fuzzy


Minor calamity struck the other night as I was putting the spray undercoat on the Preacher. I must have been holding her at the wrong distance as the paint went on all powdery. Meaning the surface is rough, rather than the clean smooth finish I was expecting.

Weirdly, the Neverborn Teddy I undercoated at the same time came out nicely. It could have been something to do with the resin cast, but more likely it was the spray distance as I said.


Anyway, I’ve laid down a number of reparatory “Milliput milk” washes to smooth over the surfaces a bit, and re-primed with a Vallejo brush-on primer.

Still a little more repair work to do though I think. And the undercoating has done its usual job of highlighting previously unseen flaws in the sculpt/moulding!

Some good news though:

  1. The Preacher base is coming along nicely. Yesterday, I glued on a load of foliage – brass etch ferns, and homemade reeds from a cleaned and pressed tomato puree tube (thanks for that, Steve!). I’ll get a progress shot up asap. Oh and the fish came off its rod nicely and I’ve actually stuck another rod in underneath so I can attach it to the stream bed.
  2. I’ve smoothed the Neverborn display base. My Dad was up at the weekend and, as an expert cabinet maker, he was able to advise how to remove the rough effect on the MDF bevelling. He advised me the process is called “de-nibbing”. Just need to get another black spray coat on that now and it’s done.
  3. Salute ticket arrived in the post yesterday. Hurrah!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on April 1, 2011.

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