Voices from the Aethervox

Today I listened to the first two episodes of a new Malifaux inspired podcast entitled The Aethervox.

I enjoy gaming podcasts and this one was particularly good. I used to listen to 40K Radio and have enjoyed some episodes of the D6 Generation. They can be a bit self-indulgent though and feature a little too much inane banter and in-joking for my tastes.

The Aethervox seems different and is particularly relevant to me for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, it’s all about Malifaux, and Malifaux has easily become my favourite tabletop wargame – as you may have guessed.

And secondly, it’s a journey into the game hosted by a couple of Brits who are new to the game themselves. So listening to their stories of trying out crews which didn’t work for them, and the tactical mistakes they’ve made in game resonates with my own experiences.

I also love that they’re totally into the fluff. There are some nice fan fiction audio segments read in each episode, which seem particularly fitting and are accompanied by some atmospheric music.

Talking of music, there was a segment in the second episode where one of the presenters discussed other media which fitted the theme and genre. I went and downloaded a Tom Waits album, thanks to their recommendation, and have added a book to my Amazon wishlist!

As you’d expect though, it’s not just fluff. Also in episode two there was a very in depth tactical review of the Neverborn master Zoraida. Despite never playing with or against her, I found it fascinating as it covered general tactics for pretty much every master in the game.

If I was being particularly critical I found the sound quality and volume to be patchy at times, though I was probably over-sensitive to it as I listened to it riding the Underground.

So, in conclusion, a definite thumbs up from Max Von D. I’m hoping that they can continue with their planned monthly schedule and that this is a podcast with longevity and support. Can’t wait for episode three.

Now, if you’ve not done so already, and Malifaux is your thing, pop over there now and get downloading!

Episodes are available from their site, and also on Twitter and iTunes

~ by Max Von Deadlock on March 31, 2011.

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