No Need to be Koi

These puns are getting out of hand…

Anyway, the tenuous link is to this here mini update about the sculpting of a miniature Koi carp for the Preacher base.

Here’s the little fishy:

Sculpting a Miniature Koi Carp

I’m sorry for the terrible photo. But hopefully you can just about make it out. It measures about 12mm from mouth to tail fin and is the result of one of my first ever sculpting attempts. I’m quite pleased with it and it should paint up well enough after a little bit of smoothing. Particularly as it will be submerged in some slightly murky water.

I used green stuff (two part modelling putty) and worked at it with some clayshapers and sculpting tools, liberally coated in vaseline to prevent snagging and sticking.

As you’d expect for a first attempt there was a fair bit of trial and error. But overall I feel pretty accomplished.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on March 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “No Need to be Koi”

  1. Nice… I think! How are you attaching it to the base? Presumably you can’t do half the water, add the fish, then do another layer of water effect, so I guess it will just be glued to the stream bed? Is it attached to that tool, or did you just use that to hold it up for the photo?


    • I intend to glue it to the stream bed as you say. Depending on the height (the stream is quite shallow) I may have a tiny rod suspending the fish below which should be invisible if the water is opaque enough.

      The “tool” is actually a bent paperclip held in my pin vice. The paperclip does run right through the centre of the fish, like a simple armature. I shall clip it off at the mouth and probably need to do some filing and shaping somehow. Maybe need a bit more greenstuff.


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