Pandora, Mother of Sorrows

As I mentioned yesterday, I have finished work on Pandora now and – a couple of quick Dullcote sprays later – here she is:

Pandora, Neverborn Master Pandora, Neverborn Master Pandora, Neverborn Master Pandora, Neverborn Master Pandora, Neverborn Master

I’m really happy with the paintjob on her, less so with the photography!

The Object Source Lighting (“OSL” in painter speak) has happily come out how I wanted it to, and the freehand on the coat worked first time too. It was also my first attempt at marbling on the base and I’m chuffed with that also.

I do need to play around with my photography setup.

I need a couple of new backdrops printed out I think. Our inkjet printer is a bit temperamental so I may shell out for professional print shop to do them. Or I could get one of the guys in the creative team at work to run some off for me on their fancy machines.

The camera itself seems to be perpetually dirty, and it looks like I have a dead pixel (occasionally spotted as a bright red dot in the images).

So that means that the Neverborn crew are mostly done, for the Salute competition at least. This morning I have been spraying the display plinth so will do a full group shot soon. I do need to repaint a matching dark purple for all their base rings though, to tie them together a bit better.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on March 26, 2011.

3 Responses to “Pandora, Mother of Sorrows”

  1. Looks good. Did you tone back the OSL a bit? It looks very aggressive in the shots with green leggings and not so aggressive in the completed pics.


    • Thanks for the comment 🙂

      Yeah, I laid a bit of a yellow glaze over the green to make the light a little warmer and also blended back the edges with a red glaze on the dress. I think the lighter background might reduce the visible contrast a little too.


      • I think this looks much better on Pandora; the other version was overpowering. I would perhaps have suggested making the stuff in the box a bit brighter, though that could just be the lighting.


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