The Box Opens… And It’s Green!

Another Pandora update.

As you can see I’m moving into the finishing stages with her now. Got most of the significant stuff done at least.

More Pandora WiP More Pandora WiP More Pandora WiP More Pandora WiP

I’ve got the object source lighting (OSL) coming out of the box – as I planned – and I am mostly very happy with it. Needs a little bit of tidying here and there and some re-blending to smooth it out a bit, I think.

Also really chuffed with the freehand brocade pattern on her coat, particularly the lower portion on the back.

I experimented with the green leggings but I think it confuses the OSL effect and I will probably re-paint them back to black-grey. Should increase the general moodiness and impact of the OSL a bit. I still also need to paint the weird knobbly bit at the bottom of the coat, and the boot straps. And the base of course.

What was the sculptor thinking when he did those knobbly bits I wonder?

I wish I had filed them off before I assembled and started painting her.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on March 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “The Box Opens… And It’s Green!”

  1. Top stuff Jon. Looks really moody, as if the picture is taken at twilight. I’d keep the base quite dark to enhance that. The brocade is great, really nice effect. I agree on the leggings, they are too close to the shade of the glow.


    • I like the idea of keeping the base twilight-y. Unfortunately that puts me in a quandary as I want to share the basing style of the rest of her crew, so I am probably forced to go for the lighter tones.

      I was contemplating more freehand on the leggings (perhaps a rose pattern) but that might be too much so I reckon they’ll just remain plain black.


  2. Was going to ask about the brocade!
    That is really nicely done!
    Like the lighting too.

    She looks a little green about the gills, but that is a good thing on this occassion! lol
    well done!


    • Cheers. The brocade was freehanded with a dark grey. A thicker paint than I usually use for darks (maybe 50/50 with water), mixed with a bit of flow improver to help it come smoothly off the brush. I then used a mid grey to dot/line the upper edges to give the pattern a bit of bump, as it were.

      Actually now I think about it, I should probably go back with a mid grey to lighten the pattern lines which are catching highlights – such as on the fold lines of the coat. The work never ends!


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