Salute Update – Building the Preacher Base

Here’s a little update on the Salute painting entries, which will be occupying my time over the coming weeks.

Neverborn Crew

You’ll have seen that I got my display base/plaque through the mail yesterday so that will need a bit of preparation. Bit o’ sanding followed by a black spray coat. Also need to think about the nameplate and what that will look like.

Work on Pandora, the last unpainted crew member, is going slowly. She’s not too far off, though I seem to have hit a sticking point with her which I will have to push through.

I do have some exciting freehand patterning on her coat to show you though, which I’m pretty pleased with.


I’ve been focusing on the oriental themed base and over the weekend got a lot of the basic construction work done on the bridge and stream.

Preacher Base WiP

Really happy with it so far. Especially the Japanese Bridge, which was constructed mostly out of plastic and balsa.

Step by step it went something like this:

1. I started out by cutting out a rectangle of plasticard (1mm? thickness) and immersed it in boiling water to fix a bend. I actually had it wrapped around another resin cylinder and held with elastic bands. After five minutes or so I ran it under cold water to fix the shape.

2. Next up were the balsa strips which were simply cut out with a scalpel and affixed with superglue. You can also see a drill hole at the bridge apex where the Preacher will be stood.

3. Then I cut a number of plastic struts for the railings and under bridge supports. I used two thicknesses – 0.5mm and 0.7mm I think. A couple of the struts were bent using the same approach detailed above.

4. Carefully the railings were glued with liquid cement (Plastruct weld stuff). I used a couple of pieces of thin card as support while gluing to ensure the thinner inner railings and supports were slightly inset within the thicker ones, on both sides.

5. I then turned my attention to the stream, laying down a blobs of white (superfine) Milliput to build up the banks. Yellow-Grey Milliput would probably work fine but I like how the white can easily be mixed with water to smooth it. And it seems to sand nicely too. While it was still wet I pushed in various slate and rocks pieces to form the stream edge.

6. Once dry, I sprinkled in some old tea leaves affixed with thinned PVA glue. I like the random leaf litter texturing which should hopefully paint up well.

7. Finally last night I sanded down the outer edges so they are flush with the resin. Couple of bitts to fill as you can see but after that the edges will hopefully be invisible when painted.

There’s still a bit more to do:

  • One or two more rocks to add
  • Texturing of the grass and bridge path
  • Sculpting a standing Japanese lantern
  • Sculpting a Koi carp or two!

I originally planned to have railings on both sides of the bridge but was concerned that it might obscure the mini. My problem was inadvertently solved when I realised the bridge itself was too thin to support both. So I’ve gone for the unrealistic and unconventional single rail, but it should serve as a nice background detail and neat solution.

Wolfenstein Diorama

Yes, umm, being realistic I can’t imagine having the time to do this one justice. So unless I become super productive over the next week or so I doubt I’ll progress this before Salute.

Shame. It’s definitely something I will want to do.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on March 8, 2011.

4 Responses to “Salute Update – Building the Preacher Base”

  1. Looking really nice. I wouldn’t worry about the “missing” railing – I didn’t even notice until you mentioned it.


    • Cheers. I’m really pleased with it so far. As long as I can pull of the lantern sculpt, and not wreck things with the water resin, it should work quite well I think.

      Basing has been an area I’ve been meaning to address for some time so this has been good practice.


  2. I’m not convinced you need the lantern, it might make it a bit busy? I assum it will be quite a dinky one?

    I’ve never used water effect stuff, I’ve looked at various products in Hobbycraft but always fallen short of actually getting anything because it would just be to faff about with, I have no real need for it for any project I am working on. Also I didn’t knew the difference between the various products, and they are a bit pricy to just get all of them to try.


    • I think the lantern in the foreground could add a bit of balance and depth, but I’ll certainly be mindful of clutter.

      I got some Gedeo two-part crystal resin for the water effect. I did some trial for the water parts of my Resurrectionist dockside bases, which went well. Not got around to actually doing the final job though. I do need to work out how I will be doing the colouration and opacity.


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