Delivery for Mr Von Deadlock

I love getting parcels. Don’t you?

This morning I had two waiting for me downstairs. They contained:

  • The shiny new Malifaux Rules Manual
  • A fancy bevel edged display plaque
  • A small perspex display case

Malifaux Rules ManualThe rules manual looks excellent.

It contains all the errata’d rules to date, conveniently laid out and with a decent index. Yet small and concise enough to make it perfect for carrying to games.

No fluff. No character stats. Just the rules.

It’s A5/folio sized so could even just about fit in a pocket.

The plaque will be sprayed black (probably) and will serve as the display base for my Neverborn crew entry into the Salute Painting Competition. I like the fancy bevel edge.

Trying to decide whether to do a crazy-paving style texturing to it or just keep it satin black, with a name-plate. The textured version might give a bit more homogeneity to the crew, but a black plaque could be easily re-used for other painting competitions and displays.


Miniature Display Plaque

The display case is for my bookshelf. I’ve been wanting something small like this which I can use to showcase a small selection of my favourite painted minis and protect them from dust. I will probably put a riser bar in there or something to display two tiered rows of minis.

Miniature Display CaseI’d love one of those tall glass cabinet jobbies but it’s not practical for two reasons:

1. Our London flat is too full of clutter already. I’ve got way too many boardgames, and Mrs Von Deadlock has a dazzling array of weird and wonderful action figures (to this day I still come across never before seen toys of wonder).

2. I’m such a slow painter that it would take me a lifetime to fill it!

The perspex looks a little grubby so hopefully it will clean up OK. Both the plaque and case were from Just Bases. Extremely reasonably priced, and friendly prompt service to boot.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on March 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Delivery for Mr Von Deadlock”

  1. I ordered my copy of the rulebook the other day. Hopefully it should speed up play – the existing rulebooks are just atrocious as reference guides (although obviously great otherwise). Now they have the rulebook, I wonder if future books are going to be just characters and fluff? I thought they were going to add Avatar forms for the Masters, which will probably require extra rules.

    Apparently they have changed a few of the Schemes – none are worth more than 2VP now. Means I will have to edit the cards I made, but I think the changes are fairly minor.


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