Preacher Update

In a shock non-Malifaux post, I present to you an update on one of my proposed Salute painting competition entries: the Kingdom Death Preacher.

Preacher WiP

As you can see in the picture above, I have her assembled and nearly ready for undercoating. I’ve yet to fully smooth stuff out all surfaces and there’s a tiny bit of gap filling to Milliput.

Actually she was a very easy assembly job. Working with resin like this is really easy as flash was minimal and it’s so easy to drill, file and glue. Just need to ensure that the joins at neck and wrist are seemless. I would normally have called the prep finished by now, but as she’s a competition mini…

So then it will be a case of clearing any accumulated hand grease and mold release agent before spraying a white undercoat.

In terms of a colour scheme, I shall probably look to inspiration from the Korean video game concept artist Hyung Tae Kim.

In my collection of inspirational art books I have a hardback of his collected works entitled Oxide 2. It’s a beautiful book and the designs therein are very much in the style of this particular miniature. At the moment I am envisaging lime and orange hues and maybe even black/white checkers or harlequin diamonds.

Wonder where I’ll end up though!

I was scratching my head a bit for basing ideas, as is usually the case, but had a eureka moment yesterday and decided that I should like to have her stood in a Japanese Garden, possibly on small a bridge over a water feature (with Koi carp!).

She’s a manga inspired sculpt, so the setting could work nicely, I think.

Next step there will be to work up a design on paper.

Sounds like it might be an ambitious project but I’m up for it!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Preacher Update”

  1. Just curious, I went looking for that preacher mini and the kingdom death site I found on google only has a male preacher. Can you let us know where you got this mini? I’d like to start following the company.


    • I picked her up at Salute last year. Kingdom Death were over from the States and had a stand there. She came with a nice little postcard of concept art too (which I should probably scan at some point).

      It’s odd that she’s not listed on their site and I can find no pictures of her. As I understand, she’s the pinup version of the Preacher. Something they’ve done with many of their other miniatures, I think.


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