Hell Hath No Fury

Had a great game of Malifaux with Dom last night at the Cross Gaming Club. I’ll do a summary write-up of that another time.

For now though, here’s a quick update on Pandora.

This evening I’ve been focussing on her face and flesh. For some reason, getting the face done really brings the mini to life and I find it really helps with my motivation.

Quite pleased with how she’s looking so far. That sideways glance has a nice sinister edge to it I think.

Still a little more to do to tidy things up but the face is mostly done. I opted for some green make up for two reasons. Firstly, to tie her in with the other green elements of my Neverborn Crew. And second, to give her a slightly otherworldly Neverborn air.


~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “Hell Hath No Fury”

  1. Love the face so far, you really have the style that makes a not very good sculpt become a fantastic mini in the end. Same as with the flesh construct, didn’t really like this model before, mainly due to the ugly face sculpt. I look forward to seeing your take on the hair though!


    • Cheers Ish. I was putting off painting Pandy as I’ve not been a fan of the sculpt – it just looks so plain compared to a lot of the weirder (Wyrder) later releases. I think the OSL glow could fix that.

      Just as the Flesh Construct sculpt grew on me, I’m beginning to fall for her. Which can of course only end badly for me – what with her tendency to inflict emotional trauma ;P


  2. face looks great. how did you do the eyes? I need to find out how to do eyes for when I paint my showgirls. I love the use of the green on the eyeshadow and lipstick. are you going to do some green OSL for the box opening?


    • Thanks Marcus. Definitely plan to do a green OSL glow from the box. Should really help liven up the sculpt I think.

      My technique for doing eyes depends how large they’ve been sculpted. Basic steps are usually:

      1. Paint the eyeball black
      2. Fill in the eyeball in cream / light flesh, leaving a tiny black outline
      3. Black dot the iris, making sure it is sitting slightly to the top of the eyeball. Usually I’ll be aiming for at least a semi-circle. Ensure no white is showing above the iris

      Then if there’s room I might

      4. Colour the iris – Candy had red for example. Actually she‘s worth checking out as an exaggerated example
      5. Black dot the pupil

      Finally I’ll try to put a white reflective dot somewhere to top right to represent a shine.

      Eyes are tricky to get right as they’re so tiny and getting the right paint consistency is key (as well as a good detail brush). Too runny and it’s too easy to flood the eyesocket. Too dry and it’s hard to get the precision and the tiny dot of paint has a tendency to dry on the brush before you can apply.

      I often find myself going back over it again and again with blacks and creams until I am happy.


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