Hammer Envy

I’ve got a Malifaux game lined up tomorrow night, down at the Cross Gaming Club.

I’ve taken this as a good excuse to add a bit of variety to my Resurrectionist crew, so I spent a few hours last night pinning and gluing some minions.

Resurrectionists & Taelor WiP

I also unashamedly admit that in the four-Master game last weekend I had hammer envy. I simply had to get me a bit of Taelor, Lady Hammerstrike. I’ve always loved the sculpt and she seems like a really useful toolbox Mercenary minion – in the same vein as the Convict Gunslinger. Only she gets in close and smacks things down with her big effing hammer, rather than fills them full of lead at a distance.

Left to right in the pic above we have:

Three Necropunks – I picked these up as I like the steampunk zombie critter styling. They look quite versatile and nippy low cost models. Probably useful for grabbing objectives (they leap about and are not insignificant).

Taelor – Big hammer, short vest top. Nuff said.

Bete Noir – She’s expensive but can be pretty lethal by the sounds of things. She is interesting in that she does not deploy at the start of the game, but appears in place of any killed model.

Sebastian, Morgue Assistant – I see him slotting in in place of Mortimer and is clearly aimed at the McMourning list. He can create dogs pretty easily so is probably vital in a canine list.

The necropunks were a bit fiddly to assemble, with spindly limbs and attachments which weren’t worth pinning. I’ve used two-part epoxy resin and superglue, plus some additional grey milliput, so hopefully they’ll stand up to the rigours of play.

I’ve also tried out a new spray primer by Plasti Kote. It went on easily enough but, as you may see in the picture, bits have rubbed off already. This is probably due to my impatience as I handled them within twenty minutes or so and noticed they were still a little sticky to the touch.

Previously I’ve used GW Spray White but I’m conscious that this is a paint, rather than a primer. What I probably need is an etch primer, something designed to really stick to the metal. They didn’t have any of that at the Leyland hardware store near me though.

I may give them another quick blast with the primer before I get to painting them.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 14, 2011.

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