Pandora and Showgirls on the Table

Pandora WiPAfter the epic battle report I posted up on Monday, I feel I can get away with a little what’s on Max’s table post!

I was eager to get Pandora at least basecoated for the game on Saturday so I did that, along with the Performer and Mannequin pair I’ve been trying out in the Neverborn list.

This last two are actually Arcanists, but as Mercenaries they can be drafted in to other lists. They cause willpower duels, which set off all of Pandora’s nasty effects, but I’m mostly using them because I love the showgirl models.

So, any excuse.

I’ve got most of the basecoats down on Pandy, and I’ve got as far as shading the red dress.

She’s not the most visually exciting of sculpts, so to add a bit of interest I will probably do a brocade style pattern on her dress or coat, and then some pizazz with a nice bit of green object source lighting (or OSL as they refer to it in the trade) spilling out of the open box.

Performer and Mannequin WiP

The Perfomer and Mannequin are just basecoated for now. Some paint has rubbed off due to me carrying them over to the game unvarnished. Not a big deal, and I didn’t use them after all.

You can see that for each of the pairs – there’s a second in the Colette starter box – I will be going for a symmetrical colour scheme to tie the performer to her mannequin. Ie here we have black with turquoise, and turquoise with black.

I’m quite keen to get some freehand on the mannequin’s dress so intend to go for a grey/black vertical stripe pattern. Hopefully it’ll work.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 10, 2011.

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