Wolfenstein Through the Letterbox

Thumbs up to Maelstrom Games for sending out my minis so quickly. They arrived in the post this morning, so now I can start thinking about putting together my Wolfenstein diorama.

Weird War 2 Minis Delivery

Here’s what I got:

APE Sergeant (Grindhouse Games, Incursion)
Mad Doktor (Darkson Designs, AE-WWII)
3 x “Abgezhertsoldat” Emaciated Troopers (Darkson)
2 x US Airborne (Darkson)
OSS Agent Wolf (Darkson)

Probably won’t use all of them in the diorama, but there should be enough bits to come up with something pretty cool.

Look forward to getting stuck in to that.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 7, 2011.

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