Furthering My Plans

Furthering my plans for this year’s Salute Painting Competition entries, I had a bit of a browse around for suitable minis last night.

Pretty sure I’ll go with the Kingdom Death resin. Thing is, I can’t figure out which one she was. I’ve found a thread detailing the 3D design process and he refers to her as “The Preacher”.

I can’t find her on the Kingdom Death official site though. Anyone know?

Unsure what to do for her base though. It’s funny how I often struggle for inspiration when it comes to basing. I shall have to browse some of my art books.

Then for the Wolfenstein themed diorama I’ve opted for some miniatures from the Darkson Designs AE-WWII range. They look very nice and should fit what I have in mind nicely. Ordered them from Maelstrom Games last night.

I think I ought to get some research done there also, and sketch up some designs so I know what I’m building.

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 4, 2011.

5 Responses to “Furthering My Plans”

  1. Loving your work mate! I’ve just started getting back into being creative, learning to draw for starters but sculpting seems to be my thing (well I think). Can’t wait for time to sit down and paint again though.


  2. Very good choice, Jon, she is the l/e pinup version of the preacher. One of the best things about kingdom death is that there are ‘pinup’ female versions of every character. Looking forward to seeing your paintjob on the mini!


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