Looking forward to Salute 2011

Salute, the great wargames show hosted by the South London Warlords, is not too far away now. Which means I really better start getting serious if I want to enter the painting competition.

I’ve been to the event this past two years and both times had a great day. Last year, as long time readers will recall, I entered the painting competition with my 40K Canoness and got through to the final round of judging. Which I was particularly stoked about.

This year I hope to go one better and win something. Though competition is very tough and they only awarded winner and runners prizes up in each category.

Salute 2011 will be held on Saturday 16th April and is again at the Excel Centre in Docklands.

Question now is: what to paint?

One thing I vowed to do was to enter in more than one category. Judging is of course very subjective so it makes sense not to put all my eggs in one basket (or more accurately, to only have one egg).

I was thinking I might enter the Fantasy Single Miniature category with a Kingdom Death mini I picked up at last year’s event. Lovely anime style resin sculpt which looks like it could be a joy to paint. Lots of lovely curves, which left Mrs Von D pointing out how scandalously underclothed the model was!

Then I have some rather grand designs to do a small Space Hulk style corridor diorama but with a Weird War 2, Nazi Zombie, Wolfenstein feel. This would probably have to go into the miscellaneous category. I think the purists might have trouble with it being classified as “historical”!

Anyway, it just seems like something I’d love to paint up and then to display. Which I think should be the ideal in a painting competition – ie to passionately paint something you want to, rather than paint what you think would be the popular choice.

So, that said, maybe I should revise my aim.

Primarily not trying to win, but to do my best and paint something I’d be proud to see displayed in the cabinets. And if I were lucky enough to scoop a prize then that is, of course, an added bonus.

I guess we’ll see.

But really, I better start getting serious about it as there are already scarily few painting days left!

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 3, 2011.

6 Responses to “Looking forward to Salute 2011”

  1. Blimey, that’s come around fast – and highlights how long it takes me to get around to painting stuff; the Malifaux Outcasts I just basecoated were bought at the last Salute!

    Would be up for going agin this year, remind me to book when tickets become available.

    Clicking your Canoness tag, I see you started it on 6th Feb – i.e. about the same time last year. I remember the epic painting day* where you spend 6 hours painting *some* of her face 😉 So you are definitely going to have to get your skates on if you want to enter two 😛

    * Also reminds that we ought to organise another painting day.


  2. Of course, you could always paint up last year’s freebie figure…


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