Back from holiday with flayed skin and candy

Back from the holiday now so I can get back to updating the blog. Good news is, I have something other than a tan to show for the week away.

Actually there’s not much of a tan to speak of – I burn easily so tend to avoid the sun and use high factor sun creams!

But anyway, here’s what I got painted on the balcony of our hotel room. First up was the Malifaux Neverborn Doppelganger:

Doppelganger, Malifaux Neverborn Doppelganger, Malifaux Neverborn

I love that deliciously gruesome sculpt, and she’s a great model in game too so she it’s good to get her painted up.

I’m particularly pleased with the skinless back. The fairly stark beige highlighting seems to work well to show that anatomical drawing look I was going for.

An added bonus was the clay urn on the base which I painted up as something of an afterthought. I like the way the terracotta came out and the quick freehand adds some interesting detail.

That was the first half of the week. Second half was Candy, another Neverborn for my Pandora crew.

I had been sort of putting her off for some reason. Something about the sculpt, unsure about colour choice perhaps. But once I got going with her I had a blast:

Candy, Malifaux Neverborn Candy, Malifaux Neverborn

Very happy with her candy basket and I went to town with different candy swirls and stripes there.

I’m also happy with her face. If anything I’d probably have liked to do a different pattern on her dress, a simple light/mid blue check pattern would probably have been better, but it serves to add visual interest as is so it’ll do.

Like her fellow woe, Baby Kade, she’s a pretty tiny sculpt – standing a mere 20mm from head to toe – so it was good to practice the fine detailing.

I took the rest of my Pandora neverborn crew with me but didn’t quite get to Pandora herself or the Mannequin + Performer duo. I’m supposed to be taking them with me to a Malifaux game at the weekend so I shall have to hurry up and get some basecoats on them at least by then.

I just don’t like fielding unpainted miniatures!

Candy, Malifaux Neverborn

~ by Max Von Deadlock on February 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Back from holiday with flayed skin and candy”

  1. They both look great, Candy in particular looks amazing! Very impressive.


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